The developed process or concept is evaluated in the form of a report. You can also reach IT-support at their dropin. Are you on point with your studies? The service will publish the submitted works in a public network and store them in a database. This involves a reasoned justification of choices made in carrying out the work. If the thesis is more than 80 pages in length, it is recommended that the text be printed two-sided.

A degree thesis is considered to be commissioned if there is a written agreement about at least one of the following:. Lockers are found on the 1st floor. After the plan, including the enclosures, has been approved for submission to the Ethical Committee, the supervisor sends the “Plan for Thesis” and its enclosures electronically to the Committee. If a thesis has more than one author, the authors must agree on who will register the thesis, so that this will be done only once. The methodology part is often relatively short and defines only the measuring instruments used for the empirical survey. Your poster may consist of the following elements: People arcada fi Magazines.

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This is to be done no later than Friday the week before the next meeting. Be on time to the presentation.

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Remember that the thesis is published electronically and becomes a visible business card for you! Qrcada provider is not obliged to publish content submitted by users if this would violate this agreement, the law or good practice. Artistic work such as a film or equivalent, where the thesis consists of a production and a report that describes the professional considerations and choices the student has made during the creative arcadw.

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The product and report are evaluated as a whole. The Degree Thesis yhesis a test of knowledge that can be designed and evaluated in many different ways.

The works contained in the service and the information related to them constitutes a personal data file. Also others are presenting, so there is a strict timetable to be kept.

The fourm supervisor is responsible for the check of the thesis in Urkund. See the library page IT-support Back Wifi instructions Email to your phone Office info Make your life easier and utilize these guides. The library is located in C2.

Your poster may consist of the following elements: An abstract is able to stand on it own is concise, approx.

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The official occasion at Arcada is called Thesis Forum, where students have the opportunity to go and listen to presentations from other institutions. The copyright holder will retain copyright to the submitted work.

thesis forum arcada

The language of the maturity arfada — the abstract To summarize: The commissioning party intends to utilise the results in its activity. Below the text write some key words; relevant words that provide a hint on what the thesis is about. If such an application form is not available, a free-form application is written to the person who is responsible in the organisation. The program team in consultation with the Head of Department approves the “working title” and nominates the supervisor and assessor for the thesis.

thesis forum arcada

If research ethical problems arise thesiz the implementation of the study, the student is asked to report this to the supervisor and to the Ethical Committee. Other tools Back Office Work, edit and store files online. With regard to practice in the subject and nature of the work, the degree thesis and master thesis are evaluated as satisfactorygood or excellent 5.


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The language in which the maturity test should be written in is based on your school language if you have received your education in Finnish or Swedish. Lockers are found on the 1st floor.

The thesis can be a report of a literature study, a qualitative study based on for example interviews or an evaluation of an intervention. This is how the application process works. The content in the maturity exam will be evaluated by the supervisor, and the language by a language teacher.

If a maturity test is rejected due to lingustic reasons the student must contact the writing workshop of the Language Department to receive feedback. The nominated supervisor is responsible for the registration of relevant thesis data to ASTA. After the examination, you will receive feedback, if needed, on your text.

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After your presentation you can make small changes based on the feedback you got. The aim of the maturity test is to show mastery of your research topic as well as your linguistic maturity.