Furthermore, the effectiveness of such models tends to deteriorate over time as more traders seek to exploit the same market inefficiencies through the use of similar models. To the extent that future events may vary significantly from these historical parameters upon which the strategy allocation is based, the allocation to Investment Funds may not provide the expected levels of risk, return and volatility and may result in the Company experiencing significant losses or in the Company failing to achieve its targeted returns during otherwise favorable market cycles. The Company is designed to permit sophisticated investors that have a higher tolerance for investment risk to participate in an aggressive investment program without making the more substantial minimum capital commitment that is required by many private investment funds and without being subject to the limitations on the number of Eligible Investors faced by many of those funds. Identification and exploitation of the market opportunities involve uncertainty. A decline in actual or implied stock volatility of the issuing companies can cause premiums to contract on the convertible bonds.

They are not legally required to disclose their holdings and financial information. Existing Shareholders subscribing for additional Shares must be Eligible Investors at the time of the additional subscription. The Adviser bears all of its own costs incurred in providing investment advisory services to the Company. An Investment Fund or the Company also could experience losses if Derivatives are poorly correlated with its other investments, or if the Investment Fund or the Company is unable to liquidate the position because of an illiquid secondary market. The purpose of the table above is to assist prospective investors in understanding the various fees and expenses Shareholders will bear directly or indirectly. Private, unregistered investment funds, however, are not subject to many of these limitations. All Directors also are expected to meet the necessary time commitments for service on the Board.

A limited number of investments may have a significant effect on the performance of the Company. Special risks associated with these securities may include a limited number of shares available for trading, lack of a trading history, lack of investor knowledge of the issuer and limited operating history of the issuer.

The Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses can be considered to be incurred indirectly by the Shareholders of the Company but are not collected by or paid to the Adviser or the Company. When necessary, we may change a category assignment based on recent changes to the portfolio. Ratio of net investment loss to average net assets 2.


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The Company and the Investment Funds may close out a position when writing options by purchasing an option on the same security with the same exercise price and expiration date as the option that it has previously written on the security. Substantial risks are also involved in borrowing and lending against such investments. Separately, directional equity managers may incur losses if they are wrong about the timing fudn a certain market trend will realize, even if they are correct in terms of direction and if long positions underperform the shorts.

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Special Investment Instruments and Techniques. In liquidations and other forms of corporate reorganization, the risk exists that the reorganization will be unsuccessful, delayed or will result in a distribution that will not make the investor whole. Nonetheless, it is possible these practices will prevent the Company from participating in voting on a particular issue to the maximum extent available to other shareholders.

Special tax risks are associated with an investment in the Company. ETFs tracking the return of a particular commodity e. Investment Funds may be permitted to distribute securities in kind to investors, including the Company. The price of convertible bonds is also sensitive to the perceived credit quality of the issuer.

The Fiduciary Rule is intended to subject many of the investment and asset management recommendations from broker dealers, banks and other financial services organizations to IRAs and other retail retirement clients that are not subject to ERISA to the fiduciary standards and remedies under ERISA. The Company has not established specific written procedures relating to this process.

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The transferability of Shares will be subject to certain restrictions contained in the LLC Agreement and will be affected by restrictions imposed under applicable securities laws. CDOs are subject to the typical risks associated with debt instruments discussed elsewhere in this Prospectus, including interest rate risk which may be exacerbated if the interest rate payable on a structured financing changes based on multiples of changes in interest rates or inversely to changes in interest ratesdefault risk, prepayment risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, structural risk and legal risk.

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The use of one or more of these techniques may be an integral part of the investment program of an Investment Fund and involves certain risks. Availability of Investment Opportunities.


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Market shifts of this nature may cause unexpectedly rapid losses in the value of positions held by the Investment Funds. Board Oversight of Risk Management. Thhesis, at any particular time, one Investment Fund may be purchasing interests in an issuer that at the same time are being sold by another Investment Fund. Government policies, rund those of the Federal Reserve Board and foreign central banks, have profound effects on interest and exchange rates that, in turn, affect prices in areas of the investment and trading activities of fixed income arbitrage strategies.

There Are Special Tax Risks. The Adviser or its affiliates, including the Principal Underwriter, also may pay from their legitimate profits additional compensation to the Placement Agents in connection with placement of Shares or servicing of investors.

In addition, there can be no guarantee that a catalytic event anticipated by the manager will occur and have the impact that the manager predicted.

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Derivatives on Securities Indices. The Adviser is responsible for the allocation of assets to various Investment Funds, subject to policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L)

The Company may, as determined by the Company or its designated agents, repurchase the Shares held by a Shareholder or other person acquiring Shares from or through a Shareholder, if:. Prosectus on Transfer; No Market for Shares. If adverse market conditions developed during this period, an Investment Fund might obtain a less favorable price than the price that prevailed when the Investment Fund decided to sell.

In the event of static market conditions, statistical arbitrage strategies are less likely to be able to generate significant profit opportunities from price divergences between long and short positions than prodpectus more volatile environments. Distributions from net investment income. It is possible that during the time period between the day on which a Shareholder elects to tender and the Valuation Date, general economic and market conditions, or specific events affecting one or more underlying Investment Funds, could cause a decline in the value of the tendered Shares in the Company.

Relative value arbitrage strategies include: