He assumes the reader wants to improve his writing, which makes sense in a book called Writing Well. As stated in the dedication plaque, which is located on the left hand side of the entryway into the Benjamin Rosenthal Library. I found it fascinating when Zinsser was defending the readers of any piece of writing. But the secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components Zinsser p. Written works intended to give facts, or true accounts of real things and events. I tried my hardest to study in between work breaks, but the environment around me was pretty hectic, that I accomplished nothing.

I do think that peer editing is a great thing to do and I think it is helpful. He also uses lots of examples, some from very respected writers, to demonstrate the style he is advocating for. We admire our fellow colleagues as we advance towards our respective classrooms. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Email required Address never made public. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Do not fall into the trap of simply giving narrative.

Simplicity by william zinsser thesis statement

Have I said it? He then provides some examples of professionals writing poorly and examines and comments upon them.

thesis statement simplicity william zinsser

To discuss why become a topic. Though I found, with the second sentence I chose it was more of a visual statement in order to make the reader feel as if he knew what and how the artwork was placed and looked. I found it fascinating when Zinsser was defending the readers of any piece of writing.


Whom do williamm trust? Zinsser then provides numerous examples of self important unclear writing from a range of educated writers. The peers working together gives you a chance to look at zinsseg peoples writing styles, and to help them improve their works.

He then provides examples of simple, effective writing from Thoreau and Roosevelt. With school, work and friends, sometimes the juggling of the three seem to reach a boiling point.

What makes a credible source? I like getting my paper back with my strengths and weaknesses because it gives me an idea of what to stay focused on when it comes to editing.

Analysis on William Zinsser’s “Simplicity” Reading | jmann3

Very few sentences come out right the first time. He certainly left off names for those he used as examples of poor writing. This makes it easier to identify where and what I should change. It is dedicated to three victims who passed away during the Mississippi Freedom Summer, one of which was a Queens College student.

I think that the peer review exercise worksheet is also really helpful because it gives me criteria on how to edit my work as well and what to focus on.

This entry was posted on Monday, November 29th, at 9: My weekly schedule is one that at times is pretty hectic. I felt like the sheet given to us to use in the peer review thsis was hard to adapt to the writing we were working on. What am I trying to say? Writing is not as easy as it may seem. He has published 15 books. The title and subtitle of the simplicity william zinsser thesis site. No cost, no codes.


Before — The article also gives a few peoples opinion on the art that included real silliam on campus so that you get an opinion from a peer not just someone staatement the people of the college cannot connect to. That Sunday from work I got home at 2 am and studied an hour for history, until I fell asleep on my books. By clearing up some sentences and avoiding clutter as he would put it I was able to shorten the length and get my point more clearly across.

Share buttons are a sattement bit lower. This article discusses many things about the Queens College mission but I chose it because of the small section about art. He also provides some positive examples of clean, simple writing from authors such as Henry David Thoreau. Today, I think that I got better advice than the first time perhaps.

thesis statement simplicity william zinsser

November 29th, at What are some different forms of technical.