Notify me of new comments via email. Reblogged this on Qualitative PhD Research and commented: I always find such amazing posts on this website and today’s post was really amazing chack this. I also do the handwritten notebook thing, both before I write, during, and after. I have an outline for the novel, but my notes on each scene are just a couple of sentences about what happens and what the point of the scene is. Pomodoro-ing my way towards a proper thesis draft Eljee Javier. The actual cap in spite of outside factors, tangible as well as present selection of paints for you to soccer drills speed as well as guests meet up with more and more very long, monotonous, yet others will be upon anti-corrosive; undercoats, however incredibly durable.

In summary, we have two clear objectives for each TBC and every group that goes through it. I just listened to your interview on the Dead Robots Society podcast. Them white pages can be awfully jarring. I had a general plot outline, but my scene notes were things like “Miranda and Banage argue” or “Eli steals the king. I might have to try some of that. Time to get out the moleskine and do some plotting. Reblogged this on Research Degree Voodoo and commented:

That you, my publishing deadline is looming, you may have saved my tush.

How to write 10,000 words a day

All along, I knew it was because I didn’t have a clear idea. You’re awesome for sharing this!!! For the record, I never whispeger I would ever say: I write 1, words a day and love it sometimes. Interesting blog post on getting stuff written. I also saw that, while butt in chair time is the root of all writing, not all butt in chair time is equal. I’m trudging through a round of very intense edits and I find thesix stalling quite a bit.


One thing I wonder—has anyone successfully managed to make Scrivener PC version handle citations decently?

How to write 10, words a day | The Thesis Whisperer

Video testimonials on the ANU Youtube channel. My request was approved, but I was still left floundering on organization and realistic goals and deadlines. I totally agree with everything you have here—I am so excited to see this because you’ve put into words what I couldn’t. Once I do all that you 10000, I take a moment and read or listen to something that makes me want to accomplish something great or understand something at a deeper level.

In fact, I can often write 20, words in a 10 hour session. I was planning on trying Rachel Vincents method of post-it notes on her blog. I’m a very slow writer who is just fumbling her way toward speeding up, and you have really inspired me!

How to write 10, words a day | ontheshelves

In his excellent book: I’m also a massive nerd, just starting out writing my first novel, and I was horrified to realise, reading your post, that I too had failed to do any sort of quantitative analysis of what I was doing. I’ve just used the “knowledge” side of the triangle to make sure I wrote a scene that made me enthusiastic.

After two weeks, I feel lost and looking for that inspiration to kick-off writing. This site uses cookies. You’ve turned my head and I’ve taken up the challenge. It was 70, words, long in the planning and researching but the main write up took a fortnight. If I write for 30 minutes, I typically end up around the word mark, but if I write for an hour, my average is closer to 2, words.


Choosing the best style is not always an easy decision. My dream is to become a writer and I have been taking steps to following that path by writing daily. I then print out the chapter I have been working on to take home.

thesis whisperer 10000 words a day

So this is it. I normally do words an hour. This is my first time here – Janice Hardy linked to this post. While I’m not published yet 2 novels in to a seven novel series and I’m getting the first book edited for publication nowI have found also that, along with your wonderful insights and advice, to help me speed things up just a bit more, I add “Inspiration” to everything you’ve said.

thesis whisperer 10000 words a day

It suits me to do 60secs slow then 60 secs theiss chat alternating. I also went out and wrote out place descriptions for important locations, because I’m terrible at that too. If you give yourself the whole day to write, you will spend the whole day writing and, in the process, drive yourself bat shit crazy.

Sterling silver is the kind of silver used for jewellery making and dinnerware. I have found that separating the writing and editing has made writing much easier.

I use a free desktop app called Pomodairo which works great for me.