I attended a similarly high-ranked STEM high school and then a similarly high-ranked college, and while my parents were wonderful about my education and did not pressure me into anything, I know so many of my peers are not so lucky. Studies in Art History cover an introduction to the esthetic and evolution of art from the primitive forms of the prehistoric period, to architectural monuments of ancient Egypt, to the highly advanced figure sculpting of the Greeks. Like Liked by 4 people. On the one hand, they could institute an honor code, mandatory explusion back to base school for anyone caught cheating, have unique, in-classroom tests for everyone with no take-home component. My grade had the highest dropout rate in history because people applied to my school for the name and the recognition. Oral communication skills are the primary focus, but students are also introduced to the written characters. The instructor must walk the fine line between playing the pedagogue and nurturing the emotional development of a young person into the threshold of adulthood.

I believe there is a misguided overemphasis on sports at most US schools and a misguided overemphasis at academics at most stem schools. I appreciate this edit so much. Kids straight-up lying to their teachers, stealing answers from their classmates, and taking cellphones into exam rooms. Their primary focus, still, is homework and a couple side activities. Nowadays, S and M have been pretty much relegated to secondary status, especially from a career perspective. Students learn basic skills and strategies through lead-up games and activities.

Prep for BC calculus. Once that happens, TJ is going to change in incredible ways. People also love boasting about how their school was 1, too.

IV Be who you want to be. They will learn to both write and read Chinese characters and develop an understanding for the language and its origins. Plump up that GPA! Keep trusting yourself and continue doing it. Now with 26 years of zummer experience post TJ, an Ivy League education, medical doctor degree, and parent of two middle school kids, and hearing what it has become, I would not send my children to TJ there. The school is a pressure cooker, because the expectations for high schoolers are becoming more tjhsxt more jomework each year.


The students learn important works by significant composers, folk songs, and popular music to develop ability. This piece reflects so many of my feelings towards my experience in my own school. I learned to be homewor.

I began dropping out of my AP classes one by one at Robinson, and finally dropped out altogether because I was bored. Think of life as a bunch of spokes, keep each of the spokes equally balanced. The purpose of the Siemens competition, I assume, is for students to explore and develop their passions in math, science, and technology.

Individually the pressure from one of them was fine.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School – Between Me and You

But they are unfair. I feel shmmer a major surge in prep class malarky was right after the big push for STEM.

You totally missed the whole point. Part of the problem is test preps that are these elevating students who would have no desire otherwise while keeping out some of the more truly interested perspective students.

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I tjhwst down TJ for years because I knew I would not fit in with my sarcastic sense of humor. TJ is but one relatively insignificant context of this issue. But sometimes, you just have to know that being hard is rewarding to us.


tjhsst summer homework

Sure, they worked hard, and they might have the luxury of letting their kids explore life because they always have the safety net of wealth.

The parents are a big issue as you guess, putting too much pressure on their kids.

tjhsst summer homework

I know parents mean well when they push their kids to excel, but many parents need to back off some. I agre with you as a TJ parent of a child who loves her sport.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School

However, for example, the preparation is homeowrk forced on the students by their parents. They enjoyed the non-academic portions as well, but as a casualty, a few became the victims of heavy drinking and foolish actions that risks their lives because they want to swift away how bad their lives are because of TJ, at times.

On the one hand, they could institute an honor code, mandatory explusion back to base school for anyone caught cheating, homwork unique, in-classroom tests for everyone with no take-home component. Students will also continue to hone historical research and writing skills as a part of this course.

tjhsst summer homework

My open letter advice overall is to take TJ as a lesson. As much as I loved some of your points, I would also like to address some. Then I realized stress like this would continue if I got into TJ.

As our administration has chosen to emphasize rankings, test scores, and college acceptances, students have suffered. Flash back to my freshman year.