Wealth Creation Elite Team. Are you interested in joining the Trevo train and start making money buh u don’t ave d moni or ar scared of taking the risk with d registratn fee.. I tell them if you mlm company promises you a brand new car worth about 3m -4m and your monthly take home is just about kk then its not worth it bcus the car is just to entice you an trust me the company has made way more than that car. They act as non-toxic nutrients but deliver the same benefits as many popular pharmaceuticals. The billion dollar company storms Calabar this weekend. If i cannot more than the person that enroll me then whats the diffrerence with that and the coroperate world where an employee cannot earn more than the CEO even if he is the best.

Please note this 45, points will need to come from minimum of 3 people in your team. Before i unveil what you dont know about H2i i actually want to applaud the relentless effort of h2i members cause i can say that in the last 12months h2i recorded a very high turn out. I know some of you wouldnt even want to read this and some would just hiss while reading this. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me shock you to tell you that anyone can start a Ponzi scam even you. Your team need to give you points and if you achieve this within 2 months of joining trevo you earn dollars extra bonus aside all the commission from your transactions.

Lets plwn frank with ourself fellow Nigerians, the only service that can be rendered on a mlm network marketing scheme where you can earn residual income pllan life is the power and i await that in busibess future.

H2i is an NGO that embraced the Ponzi scam. So you still get paid anytime anyone desires to upgrade. Retail sales- watch out for the next article on a comparative explanation of products of each company and sales. Network marketing is like a woman giving birth to a child and training that child up in the right way untill that child becomes successfull in life.


When your right and left leg produces a total of pts Aims global pays you N This mean if you can just get one good marketer that is good enough to achieve points for himself, it means you and that good downline will be sharing in 3 levels.

trevo nigeria business plan

Thanks alot for commentting, i wish you very happy sunday, are you in mlm? You get this when you get business partners to join Trevo. Are you ready to make more money?

trevo nigeria business plan

Like my official Facebook Page and Follow me on Twitter for updates. The two determine your rank in trevo and trevo rank is divided into 4 namely: However, it can be an extremely lucrative compensation plan as you move upward through the network businwss build a team of successful people who also build teams of their own.

Trevo MLM Review

nigdria This unique Global system allows you to benefit from every person who joins Trevo, anywhere in the world after you businews if you or your team enrolls them. But my advice is before she join she most make sure that the person bringing her into the business is ready to help her succeed in the business and she must cool down and learn the business very well. No matter the level you tgevo with, there is room to upgrade from lower levels to higher levels.

So for every 6persons that joins your team H2i makes a profit of N You are charged for print out usually a small amount which is taken from your monthly bonus and you pay a yearly renewal fee you have to pay this personally to indicate your interest to continue the business. I wouldnt talk about Vemma compensation plan because Vemma as a company is not sometin i would advise any Nigerian or any one to join.

Example one bottle registration gives you 25 points and three bottles give 75 treco.

Trevo Home Business Income Opportunity

Leverage is an increased way of attaining something. Never before has mankind witness an article as such. Trevo is a health drink which appears to have been the product of much thought and research. Buy 4 get 1 busibess.


Each of the nigria have 5 levels but trevo shares proceeds from global sales with Directors, Executives and Diamond. Now i know some of you would say, but every other mlm company too was established to make profit.

Global Ambassador- global packs reg. You buy btw bottles in a month for your consumption not for sales. GNLD nigeria as a company can be said to be the network marketing company with the highest flaws.

A guy who won the car so fast in less than a month came to meet me that i should join them. I tell people what Holton Buggs did within 24hrs after he registered was what changed his life.

Comparative illustration on Mlm network marketing companies compensation plans in Nigeria

Influential network marketers where taken to South Nigria, to entice people into joining Vemma and to gain their Trust. The ways listed above highlight the benefits of the matrix compensation plan — including being able to make money from the first through fourth levels of your network.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you will agree with me that the Number 1 coffee producer in the world NESCAFE being in Nigeria for decades had to employ mobile marketing which wasnt contracted out themselves to enhance their sales bringing coffee to you on the go and shocking even till today some people have not bought even a cup and those who do buy once in a while depending on their location.

Everymonth Gnld successful moved their products forcefully to their distributors, Gnld makes a profit on yrevo product moved then why would they still demand for this. E-mail obligatoire adresse strictement confidentielle. Foreva living officially opened their doors for business in Nigeria since that 15years ago.