The oral examination will be conducted in French. Deposition of a thesis in the UBC Library constitutes such disclosure. You can cancel or save your submission at any time. Internal Awards Evaluation Criteria. Discussion of any potential applications of the research findings.

Follow this link for more information about the Thesis Formatting Service. The section includes the following: There is only one conclusion in the whole thesis. Choose a style guide approved by your supervisor or graduate program, or follow the print style of a significant refereed journal publication in your field of study. Effective January , all theses and dissertations must include a lay summary. Tuition and student fees are due in September, January, and May for graduate students.

The format for titles and captions of tables, figures and illustrations must be consistent throughout the thesis. Certificate Numbers in Thesis.

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Students should review the resources early in the writing of their thesis, and use them to check their thesis before submitting it to the College of Graduate Studies. Thesis Title Give a concise, accurate description of the thesis. Does not require signatures.

It is strongly suggested that students review the Thesis Thezis Resources to ensure that their thesis meets formatting requirements before submission. Restricted periods for scheduling a defence will be August and December.

Figures must be listed with their numbers, titles, and page numbers.

ubc okanagan thesis defense

Supplementary materials Contact CoGS. International Doctoral Fellowship Nomination Form. Tips for Soliciting Great Reference Letters. The College of Graduate Studies will notify you of your anticipated tuesis month via email once you have registered for your cIRcle account.


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A thesis at the doctoral level is called a dissertation, but dissertations and theses are usually referred to detense as theses. In the case of doctoral dissertations, this must be done before the dissertation can be submitted to the External Examiner. Quotations of more than one line can be single-spaced. Each chapter must start at the top of a new page.

ubc okanagan thesis defense

Students may initiate the process at any time, and have four 4 periods to be considered for degree conferral February, May, September, or November. The first line of each paragraph must be indented, or There must be a larger space between paragraphs than there is between lines. If an additional extension to the embargo period is required, it defemse the responsibility of the student to contact the College of Graduate Studies no less than one month before the release date.

Final Thesis approved by Grad Studies Please note: The thesis deals with a potentially dangerous product or process, or potential cure for a disease, for which more testing time is needed before public release of the information.

All ballots are to be attached to ibc form as part of the process. Must be black throughout, except for web links. May be either in the lower centre or on the top or lower right okaagan the page, when the page is viewed in portrait view.


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The name must be the same at both the top and the bottom of the title page, and must be the name under which you are registered at UBC. Lower right is preferred. Tables in Chapter 1: Defdnse day for changes between credit and audit for Distance Education Term D courses. This form should be used by the Graduate Program Coordinator when nominating a student s for the International Doctoral Fellowship.

ubc okanagan thesis defense

Signatures are considered to be personal information, and must be removed from the final copy of the thesis. These resources are designed to help students check the presentation and formatting of their thesis. Ensure that UBC theses and dissertations are consistent, professional, and of the highest quality. Grouped at the end of the relevant chapter.

This form records the voting outcome by the examining committee for the student. Application Theesis — English — September Admission. Turnitin is a suite of tools for improving student writing that includes ways of checking the originality of the kbc to prevent plagiarism and providing detailed instructor and peer feedback for each student.