The UCAS personal statement is a marketing tool for your interests, talents and accomplishments. Mention any positions of responsibility, evidence of self-motivation and any hurdles overcome and use these to demonstrate your character and your strengths. What makes you unique? More from the Blog Journalism work experience: The maximum size of your UCAS personal statement is 47 lines — approximately words, size 12 font. If not, the time to act is now to fill in any gaps that you may have. As for what makes you suitable, as well as talking about your academic record and work ethic, you should also spend a bit of time speaking about your extracurricular activities.

Degree Explorer The Degree Explorer helps you plan for your future! If you need help with the rest of the form, take a look at our filling in your UCAS application blog. Emma manages the careers guidance team in London and the south-east and goes into schools to deliver support to students. Sign in to save to your save. If possible, include anything which shows that you have an intelligent interest in the world. So, for example, a Saturday job as a waitress may have improved your communication skills as well as your ability to work under pressure and prioritise urgent tasks. Think carefully about how you want to structure your personal statement.

The complete guide 19th December This equates to roughly words. When writing about each experience, use the ABC action, benefit and course structure.

ucas personal statement 4000 characters or 47 lines

What is the activity, what skills and qualities have come from it and how ir it relate to the course? Don’t forget to use our course search to find the courses you want to apply to. Keep it short and sweet.


ucas personal statement 4000 characters or 47 lines

For those of you used to writing character tweets, a character UCAS personal statement might seem like your idea of hell. Match your interests to UK university courses and explore each recommendation to find out what suits you. When writing your ucsa statement remember that you need to address up to five universities. Your UCAS personal statement should be broken up into three main sections.

It is important to charactesr care in considering what you want to say and how to say it. Applying to universities to study law is difficult enough without taking into account the UCAS personal statement word limit.

They are looking for motivation and potential and expect the statement to relate to your choice of course. If you are planning to take a gap year, explain why. Use the ABC method. Generally, prospective university students tend to apply for the same course, or similar courses, so checking prospectuses and course profiles for the qualities universities look for in candidates.

Why you are excited about the course you are applying for And how did you become interested in o subject — did you read an article or go to a characterw on the topic?

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There is a word linea for the UCAS personal statement? Academic qualifications alone are not enough for most admissions tutors, they love students who put themselves out to achieve something and enjoy a life outside their studies – i. What are your career plans for when you finish the course?

This could include any hobbies you enjoy in your spare time, paid employment or volunteering. The same personal statement will be sent to every course and university you apply for so avoid being too specific.


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The maximum number of characters isand this includes spaces. However, consider putting the most relevant and unique examples of your skills and experience towards the start of your personal statement. The Degree Explorer helps you plan for your future! A good personal statement should reflect your individuality, show your enthusiasm and commitment to the course, show admissions tutors that you are worth offering a place to and explain why the institution should want you as a student.

Tutors will read hundreds of personal statement, many of which are dull, so make it interesting! Evidence to prove your interest in the course This can be shown through work experience and outside reading. If not, the time to act is now to fill in any gaps that you may have. DO proofread your personal statement Get a parent or a friend to read it too, a fresh eye is always good.

Make sure you have a punchy first sentence to engage the reader. Read our article on what to include in your personal statement for more help on what to write about.

Admissions Tutors can become stressed and exasperated because for every good personal statement, there are plenty of terrible ones. Have a clear beginning, middle and end. The UCAS personal statement is a lies tool for your interests, talents and accomplishments.