The letter grade must be formally recorded in the Student Records System. All new Assessment Tasks should be approved by the External Examiner although if a task has been used on a previous occasion, repeat approval does not need to be sought. If the request is accepted, you may be granted an extension. Most modules have one or more coursework-based assessments. UCL has an Extenuating Circumstances Policy which is intended to ensure that students are not unfairly disadvantaged by unexpected circumstances beyond their control which may affect performance in assessment. The marks from all Summative assessment components must be included in the calculation of the module mark. These will be advertised via the modules’ Moodle page at the point the coursework is set.

Each module may include one or more assessed components. If not, you will be considered as declaring yourself fit to sit the assessment concerned. For example, if the submission deadline is Coursework Coursework at Computer Science Coursework covers a broad range of assessment methods, including for example: Where there are extenuating circumstances that have been recognised by the BASc Extenuating Circumstances Panel, these penalties will not apply until the agreed mitigation period has been exceeded.


If your work is submitted within two working days after the deadline, a penalty of 10 percentage marks, i. Your work must be appopriately organised e.

ucl coursework late submission

Late submission Work recieved after The Module Assessment regulations define how students will be assessed in each module and component.

A programme voursework use a single marking scale across all summative components and modules so that module marks Section 3.

Coursework Extensions

Extenuating Circumstances Requests for extension of the deadline or condoned late submission must be made through the Extenuating Circumstances procedure.


Do not leave hard-copy submission to the last minute. If you experience something which prevents you from meeting a deadline that is sudden, unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control, you should submit an Extenuating Circumstances EC Form. No Attempt or Minimal Attempt ufl Assessment. Where dual submission is used i. The Assessment Task is the specific exam paper, essay question, topic or activity which students are asked to undertake.

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Do not leave digitial cousework submission to the last minute. You should allow yourself sufficient time to print and organise your work, and consider how long it may take you to do.

Marked coursework will be available from the Mechanical Engineering Administration Office, located in Room llate. Late penalties Academic Manual: If your coursework is received more than two working days and up to five working days after the published deadline: You must notify the Anthropology Department, no matter which department teaches the module s concerned, using the. If you need coursewori on how to apply through the procedure, you should speak with your Programme Administrator in the first instance.

ucl coursework late submission

Department of Computer Science. Where a programme operates a Numeric Marking Scale, the module mark must be calculated as follows:.

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Digital submission of coursework is via the module’s Moodle page, either via an Assignment or Turnitin Assignment which includes a plagiarism check. Assignment briefs will include clear instructions about word counts, the inclusion of footnotes, diagrams, images, tables, figures and bibliographies etc.


Where a Programme designates a module as Non-condonable see Section 9. For example, if the submission deadline is Students must have frequent opportunities to develop their understanding of assessment, for example through formative assessments, guided marking, peer review and opportunities to practise key assessment methods. Departments are also responsible for informing students of any discipline-specific referencing conventions via Student Handbooks, Moodle or equivalent.

For this reason students are required to submit all submissoin by the published deadline date and time. Planning, time-management and the meeting of deadlines are part of the personal and professional skills expected of all graduates.

Most modules have one or more coursework-based assessments. Where a student takes a module in a Faculty, Department or partner institution operating a Numeric Marking Scale, the student must receive a numeric mark AND an equivalent letter grade for each component and module.

If you submit extenuating circumstances and the request is accepted, you may be granted an extension.

Coursework covers a broad range lzte assessment methods, including for example: There is no minimum Pass Mark for formative assessment components and any indicative mark that might be given must not be included in the module pass requirements, OR. For coursework submitted after the published deadline the following penalties will be applied: Students failing to meet this deadline will be required to resubmit the failed component s. You must also ensure you submit your coursework using the correct file format pdf, word, powerpoint etc.