Business proposals must demonstrate their viability, funding, market potential, and must show that the necessary management and technical expertise is available to establish the new industry or service on a stable foundation. The language planning criteria set out the key areas that should be taken into consideration in any language plan that will be prepared in the future for the Language Planning Areas. It is due to the diligence of Gaeltacht communities in the preparation of plans for their areas that the benefits and fulfilment of their implementation can now be realised. A Question of Taste with Cormac Begley. Gaeltacht Service Towns are towns in, or adjacent to, Gaeltacht Language Planning Areas which play a significant role in the delivery of public services and leisure, social and commercial amenities to the community of those areas. Financial We provide a range of financial assistance schemes that may be applicable to you. What type of organisation can apply?

Many of the properties have undergone significant upgrading works over the years and employment has increased as a result. The creation of digital high-speed broadband hubs in Gaeltacht areas and the islands is part of a strategy to attract back emigrants and help create 1, jobs. The lead-organisation will be representative of the community, community organisations, voluntary committees in the Language Planning Area, and will aim to increase the use of Irish in that area. Help in the recruitment and training of staff. What is Language Planning?

The language planning criteria set out the key areas that should be taken into consideration in any language plan that will be prepared in the future for the Language Planning Areas. Tourism Management Development Scheme This initiative will support a range of strategic tourism projects in the Gaeltacht to assist those projects to add to their management, marketing, development and administrative capabilities. We can provide the advice, financial assistance and other resources that will prepare you to run a sustainable business.

It is hoped that a continual connection can be gaeeltachta with this national and international community in order to make them aware of the employment, living, social, language and cultural opportunities available in the Gaeltacht areas.


Help in the recruitment and training of staff. The main objective of the strategy published yesterday include the approval of 1, jobs over its lifetime, and supporting 8, full-time jobs in client companies.

It is worth noting that it was companies in the medical device, food, services and niche manufacturing sectors that saw the most development. Online Business Enquiry Form.

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

Recognition under the Act will be given to Irish Language Networks providing that language plans have been agreed with the communities of the various networks in accordance with the prescribed language planning criteria. Choose Language Gaeilge English. However, a portion of the portfolio is not fit for purpose and require comprehensive renovations, and the announcement of additional capital resources will allow the organisation to undertake this work gradually.

The connection that is established and maintained with the Gaeltacht diaspora is important to promote the Gaeltacht as a region which is inspiring and innovative to live and work in. This growing digital ecosystem will be an excellent opportunity for new technology companies an opportunity to establish or locate themselves in the rural areas which encompass the Gaeltacht.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The assessment process may take udaraz to two months from the closing date udarss applications. We are targeting the approval of jobs during the plan period and the consolidation and development of the enterprise base. A copy of the criteria is available and the following sets out the main themes on which the criteria are based: The hubs would be established throughout the Gaeltacht, but also on six Gaeltacht islands and seven other offshore islands. The educational system; 2. Foras na Gaeilge is responsible under the Act for supporting organisations with regard to the preparation and implementation of the language plans in the Irish Language Networks.

It is hoped that a further 8 plans will be completed and submitted to the Department during The objective of language planning in this case is the increase in Irish-language speakers and the preservation of Irish-language use as a family and community language.


Under the Gaeltacht Acta town must have a population of at least 1, according to the most recent census, to be included as a Gaeltacht Service Town. Non-financial incentives include workspace accommodation, advice, assistance with recruitment and training, start-up guidance, and legal advice.

Údarás na Gaeltachta stategic plan seeks to create 1, jobs

Organisations have up to two months, from the date that the Language Planning Area is announced, to make an application. There has been a steady increase on the gaeltacyta base in the Gaeltacht for six consecutive years as Gaeltacht companies become increasingly udarxs.

How do I find out about activities and classes in my area? A Gaeltacht brand will be promoted to visually represent the enterprise and heritage of the regions, while language, culture and landscape will be central to the promotion of the Gaeltacht under a new tourism development initiative.

Financial Supports

Physical planning and development; Tourism There will be a specific focus in on the strategic development of tourism in the Gaeltacht, along with the enablement and development of tourist facilities and products. The lead-organisation will have a period of up to 2 years to prepare a plan and 7 years to implement it.

We particularly welcome increases in our capital budget and other external funding which has been announced and which will provide us with an excellent opportunity to start on a positive note and to invigorate the implementation of our strategy.

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

What do we mean by udzras Gaeltacht? Particular attention will be placed on the development of human, natural, cultural and linguistic resources of the Gaeltacht and it is hope to encourage the Gaeltacht Diaspora and the skill they have to return to support and enhance Gaeltacht Communities.

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

This is the organisation that will be selected for each Language Planning Area to prepare and implement a language plan.