One of the most noticeable phenomena in any big city, such as London or Paris, is the steadily increasing number of petrol-driven vehicles, some in private ownership, others belonging to the public transport system, which congest the roads and render rapid movement more difficult year by year. Combines information together in a different way by putting elements together in a new pattern or proposing alternative solutions. A guide for teachers. L earn to write badly: A syllable is a unit of pronunciation.

Halliday and Hasan identify three sub-types of ellipsis – nominal, verbal and clausal. Present Situation Analysis The practice of assessing the language competence of learners at the beginning of the course. A nominal group is typically a group with a noun as its Head. It is important for EAP students to learn to paraphrase. Bibliography A bibliography is a list of books. Continuum, answered some of my questions about whole pieces of academic writing and how they are made up.

As well as writing descriptively, you need to be able to write critically; you need to be able to make use of these facts to come to general conclusions. The idea being that no text is original and unique in itself; it is a complex synthesis of references to and quotations from other texts.

It is also known as a hamburger essayone-three-one. Strategies for academic interaction.

Genres in Academic Writing: Reflective writing

References are numbered in the list in the order they first appear in the text. An English language guide. A pidgin is a language created by speakers of different languages so they can communicate with each other.


Performance scales for English language examinations.

uefap critical thinking

The purpose of the discussion section is to persuade the reader that the results make sense and contribute to a consistent body of knowledge. It must be remembered that, even when paraphrasing, the source of the idea must be acknowledged.

Rhetorical functions in academic writing: Writing critically

Grapheme A grapheme is a distinctive letter of a particular written language. It also involves communicating any findings by presenting them at conferences or publishing in journals.

When the content is shelteredthis kind of programme is often referred to as sheltered-adjunct. While many writers see these stages as simply descriptive terms, Susan Hunston describes the persuasive goal of each stage: A hyper-Theme is a paragraph theme, an introductory sentence or critival of sentences which predict a particular pattern of development in the paragraph.

uefap critical thinking

Lexico-Grammar The lexico-grammar of the language is the vocabulary and grammar. Blended Learning Blended learning means combining face-to-face classroom teaching with a relevant use of modern technology.

Make a note of them make a guess at the spelling. The actual form of the main body will depend on the type of writing. Languages and related studies.

Critical Glossary of ESP/EAP Terms

We mustn’t forget, though, that those norms include a certain amount of criticality! Team roles at work. It is undeniable that the large majority of non-native learners of English experience a number of problems in attempting to master the phonetic patterns of the language.


They are culturally evolved ways of achieving goals that involve language. Nominal Group A nominal group is typically a group with a noun as its Head.

Interpersonal meaning has to do with the ways in which we act upon one another through language – giving and requesting information, getting people to do things and offering to do things ourselves.

The mark received usually contributes to the total mark for the course and it is usually done in the student’s time. Are you summarising to support your points? Journal for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, 2, Thesis Statement In an essay, the thesis statement summarises the main argument of the writer.

Rhythm Rhythm refers to the change in volume of sounds within a clause during speech. A postgraduate or graduate student is a student who has already obtained one degree and is studying for a more advanced qualification.

Theses form as often referred to as “base”, “-s”, criticxl, “-ed”, “-en”.

UEfAP – Introduction

Experiential learning – Experience as the source of learning and development. English as a Lingua-Franca. Listen to learn 2nd ed.

Listen to these again.