Additional information about the electronic thesis or dissertation ETD is available on our Current Students webpage. Interested students must complete a graduate degree application through Slate. The application is then sent to the undergraduate program director and Director of Enrolled Student Services for approval. Login to your Banner 9 account through MyCloud. If unsure of department advising rules please contact the department directly. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Students must pay the appropriate tuition and fees to the visited institution when participating in the UNC Online Interinstitutional Agreement. From that website you also have the option of submitting your verification of existing insurance. Once a decision has been made, the Graduate School updates the Banner file and notifies the student that the deferral has been approved. Works with Graduate School personnel on cases involving student complaints and grievances, student conduct, students in psychological difficulty, and other issues. Be sure to check the new PDF carefully to be sure that all items and pages are included and the formatting margins, etc. It will automatically place the page number at the right margin with the dot leaders.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) – The Graduate School

In the document, at the left margin where your subtitle should be placed, hit the tab key twice. Students taking courses through an interinstitutional agreement must meet the standards for participation in the program as set by their home institution, including the transfer credit policies of The Graduate School, and must follow the rules and policies of both campuses.

Applications are frequently described as to their location in dissertatikn progression toward completion and will appear in bins within Slate Reader. The Director of Dissertattion Studies DGS is the primary responsible party for graduate education in the department or program and serves as the liaison with The Graduate School. Applications from international students with either missing or low TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores are processed no differently than regular applications, with the exception that remarks are placed in the department evaluation screen in AY to call attention to the lack of the required exam and an email is sent to the DGS.


Dissertation Defenses

Use line breaks to force a new line instead of starting a new paragraph. All regular applications must be submitted online. Graduate students may be eligible for financial aid in certain certificate programs at UNCG. Graduation Information and Important Dates — Important Information for Graduating Students The Graduation Application page includes information regarding how to apply, fees, final dissertatioon of study and other information.

Registration is limited, and preference will be given to students who are able to attend all five days of the Boot Camp on a first come-first serve basis. The University Writing Center is ready to work with you on any kind of writing, from a seminar paper to a dissertation.

uncg dissertation guide

Be sure that your document view includes the ruler toolbar. Toggle navigation Toggle search iSpartan Email. Residency Status for Tuition Purposes. Embassy-sponsored students need no assistantships, awards, or waivers from the department.

Writing Groups & Resources – The Graduate School

Fellowships and Funding Alerts students of departmental, disciplinary, and professional guuide and research opportunities, and encourages them to apply. Type the subtitle, type the page number, place the cursor in front of the page number, hit the tab and your jncg, dot leaders and page number are done. Declare or Change Concentration. If admission is recommended, the applicant is advised that financial information must be submitted. Students may apply credit earned in a graduate certificate program to a graduate degree when approved by the department granting the degree.


Toggle navigation Toggle search iSpartan Email. Make the corrections in your original document and save again as a PDF.

uncg dissertation guide

For detailed instructions on how to make this change in Word, visit the Microsoft website. Admission The DGS is responsible for establishing and maintaining department admissions standards. On-Campus Housing for graduate students is available at Lofts on Leewhich provide the increased independence, privacy, and flexibility sought by buide students.

Current Students

Registration closes Monday, May 6,at 8: To see the full list of student organizations, visit the Student Groups website. Bookmarks can also be used to allow an action, such as run a video clip or play a sound. Remember to reference the figure in the text and to provide a figure number and title.

DGS are reminded that like domestic applications, international applications may be complete or incomplete, and they are processed as described earlier. The second component, the timeline, should indicate both what has been completed and what remains to be done.

Exploring Diszertation — The city of Greensboro offers all the benefits of a large city while maintaining a dissertaiton feel. Use tabs to align text instead of a series of spaces. These student-run organizations offer a variety of athletic, cultural, educational, political, religious, and social experiences.

The Graduate School offers at least three workshops each year one in each semester to assist students in meeting the formatting and submission requirements included in the Guide. Applications and materials received after the deadline may not be processed and reviewed in time for decisions to be made prior to the application term.