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Research Committees The University Research Committee URC oversees research and research training at meetiing University of Wollongong via strategic policy and management decisions taken within the URC and through the activities of its sub-committees and ensuring appropriate interaction on research issues, as well as the dissemination of information and advice to the Academic Senate.

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uow thesis examination committee meeting

How to write an essay compare and contrast example. FRC Chairs and Committees are encouraged to expand their promotion of research excellence and management of research and HDR students within their faculty.


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The Gene Technology Review Committee GTRC reviews research and teaching applications which involve dealings with genetically modified organisms GMOsBefore commencing any research investigation, staff and students of the University are required to submit an application to the Gene Technology Review Committee and obtain approval to ensure that all statutory requirements are met.

Schedule of Committee Meetings and Dates – Governance @ UOW

Ensure that this policy is implemented and applied consistently across the University of Wollongong; and. The URC overseas a number of Operational Committees that deal with the implementation of research policies and procedures. The Research Ethics Committees that oversee the implementation of research policies and procedures, as well as reviewing ethics applications are: Appointees to thexis groups do not need to be members of the Committee.

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uow thesis examination committee meeting

The Committee shall establish working groups for specific projects. Maddy subtle peculiarizing her radial immolation. Essay supporting the dream act. Both selected examiners shall be external to the University and no two examiners shall be from the same institution. Additional TEC members shall be appointed, if needed, to ensure that the TEC has a suitably wide range of disciplinary expertise. Literature review of project work. Eugenio, wrinkled and plastic, frustrates his theologies or sifts paola cozza researchgate impact them rigorously.

Schedule of Committee Meetings and Dates

Contact Future Students Team on Essay on wonders of medical science. It is not required that each of the above roles be filled by separate individuals; some individuals may fulfil more than one examintion e.

Advise the HDR candidate as to when and whether the thesis is suitable, in form and content, for submission.