This is a rewarding experience, but a lot of work. Which Psychology Module is For Me? Is there a possibility I can still register for the course? All faculty members will participate in evaluation of student performance at a poster session at the end of the second term, where students will present the results of their projects. Research Participation Pool Accessibility. Electives or Other 5.

Both courses involve laboratory research, instrumentation, and communication in science. Second, you could build research skills and knowledge that would enhance your competitiveness as a graduate school applicant. For information on complete degree requirements, please refer to the official Western Academic Calendar. Students seeking permission to take a Psychology course at another university in substitution for a UWO Psychology course should proceed as follows before consulting an Academic Counsellor in the Psychology Department: The following faculty will NOT be supervising students in If you want graduate training in Psychology, you must take one of the Honours Specialization degrees to secure the research experiences that will make you a competitive applicant.

Attend classes, read, and complete assignments to the best of your ability. This is a rewarding experience, but a lot of work.

Psychology Honors Thesis Poster Session

If your applications to graduate schools or professional schools are unlikely to be successful in a given year, consider waiting psychklogy year to remediate necessary skills. We will be matching supervisor concurrently with adjudication to the program though having a supervisor will not be part of the adjudication process.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Most students will submit their Intent to Register form online by logging into their Student Services account. X, or Miss X. Electives or Other Module You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program.


You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program. It is the student’s responsibility, and not the Department’s responsibility, pstchology gather the required material. It is your responsibility to find a thesis supervisor from among the faculty listed on the Psychology Department website. What do I need to get into a graduate program in Psychology?

Honors Specialization BA – Psychology – Western University – Western University

Each of your courses will make large demands on your time if done well, and you will also want to enjoy the social aspects of university life. If taking more than During Intent to Registeryou are encouraged to research programs and determine which module s you wish to pursue for the following academic year.

If there is a possibility that the advanced standing credit could count as a principle or module course or it would satisfy honouds prerequisite requirement for a course you plan to take here, have honourd credit evaluated by the appropriate Department.

Even if you never envision yourself in a research career, many graduate training programs in the helping professions include a major research component, and graduate applicants are expected to demonstrate research proficiency.

Psychology is a prerequisite for Psychology E and E. To declare an Honors Specialization, Specialization, or Major Module, you must have permission from the appropriate Department and your Faculty.

Psychology E is reserved for students in the Honors BSc Psychology program who wish to count their thesis toward the 6.

Honors Thesis – Physiology and Pharmacology – Western University

Please copy and paste this address into your browser window. Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Pharmacology Program. What is an Honours Thesis? To see a list of faculty and their research topics, look here. Completing an honors thesis is uso preparation for graduate school in Psychology. Students will be given appropriate instruction in techniques used in the laboratory and will be supervised in carrying out a research project, involving literature review, experimental design, collection and analysis of data, and interpretation of data.


Eligibility will be determined by the Undergraduate office through the adjudication process, and communicated to you via email by late May. Then submit written recommendations from both Departments to your iwo Faculty Academic Counselling office for final approval and future reference. You should contact and consider working tthesis multiple supervisors. Electives or Other Module This means that not everyone who applies will be admitted, even if the minimum requirements are met.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Physiology and y or the former Physiology ; Physiology a. This portion of the course will emphasize critical analysis and communication in science. We look forward to getting to know you and wish you great success. There are many other honouds to getting research experience. X; Hi Prof X. On the website of the Canadian Psychological Association you will find a very helpful document that outlines what is required to apply to graduate school in Psychology:

uwo psychology honours thesis