Students will be evaluated by their supervisor on their performance in the laboratory. If are interested in applying to complete an Honours Thesis in please consider the information below and complete the application procedures by the deadlines. There are many other paths to getting research experience. We recommend that you seek the advice of an academic counselor or career counselor if you are not certain that you are on the right track. There is a Mathematics prerequisite for both the Psychology Major module and for the Honours Specialization modules in Psychology. You are about to begin a life-changing experience that will provide foundational skills in the psychology and prepare you for the next leg of your career development.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Advice for students entering Psychology. If taking more than You should list both the person you want to work with and the co-supervisor on the Supervisor Preference Form. A transfer student is a student who has been admitted to Western on the basis of academic performance at another post-secondary institution. Every year beginning in February, students are required to indicate their first choice of program during the Intent to Register process. All students currently in an Honours Specialization program in psychology should apply, and all students who are hoping to transfer to the HSp should also apply.

uwo psychology honours thesis

A transfer student is a student who has been admitted to Western on the basis of academic performance at another post-secondary institution. We guarantee that papers written the night before the due date will not earn much academic credit, and cramming for exams at the last minute will leave you with no lasting knowledge, even if your marks are adequate.

Honors Thesis Honors Thesis Timeline. If there psychologyy a possibility that the advanced standing credit could count as a principle or module course or it would satisfy the prerequisite requirement for a course you plan to take here, have the credit evaluated by the appropriate Department.


uwo psychology honours thesis

Research Participation Pool Accessibility. Unless you are instructed otherwise, refer to these individuals as Dr.

It is the student’s responsibility, and not the Department’s responsibility, to gather the required material. You must list at least 6 uwoo supervisors that you would be willing to be supervised by.

This program requires the equivalent of Psychology formerly an introductory course and a first-year Mathematics course. No more than What can I do? The psychollogy manager and course committee will then assign students to work in a research laboratory for the academic year based on both the preferences of the faculty and the students.

How would I benefit from early research experience outside of the classroom?

Honors Specialization BA

Research courses above 0. Students will be asked to select professors for interviews at the end of August. Once you know what your advanced standing is, then Faculty and Department Counsellors will help you to determine how the credits can be hohours toward your Western degree.

We will be matching supervisor concurrently with adjudication to the program though having a supervisor will not be part of the adjudication process. Why am I getting an error message when I try to register for Psychology courses?

Full time faculty and Cross appointed faculty may act as supervisors.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Other requests come from students whom they barely know. To bonours a foot in the door of the lab you wish to work in for your thesis, take courses from that faculty member and volunteer in his or her lab in third year if the lab is taking volunteers. Students should allow sufficient time for the processing of this material, which may take several weeks or longer, depending on the time of year.


The second evaluation will be done at the end of the second term. These honouds working or volunteering hnours a research assistant, or completing an Independent Study course for credit. The psychology thesis is an empirical project that involves formulating a research question, developing a research method, gathering psychological data, applying statistical analyses to the data, interpreting the findings, and writing a report using the formatting requirements of our professional association.

Which Psychology Module is For Me?

X, or Miss X. It is your responsibility to find a thesis supervisor from among the faculty listed on the Psychology Department website.

Honors Thesis

What is a Transfer Student? An undergraduate psychology honors thesis is a major research project in Psychology carried out by a 4th year honors psychology student under the mentorship of a qualified psychology supervisor, usually a full-time psychology professor on main campus.

We will begin the process of matching students psychklogy supervisors concurrently with adjudication, so apply to the thesis course even if you are not sure you will be admitted.

I have a Statistics course from another department. Physiology and y or tesis former Physiology ; Physiology a.

Psychology Honors Thesis Poster Session – Western University

Feedback will be given to students as soon as possible after presentations. For information on complete degree requirements, please refer to the official Western Academic Calendar. Contact potential supervisors to discuss the possibility of supervising your thesis. If you list the supervisor as your top choice, and they list you as their top choice, you will be matched.