In fact, the results presented in this thesis are currently being used in experimental simulations at both the Tevatron and the LHC. Venomics of predatory Heteroptera. Prelic, Sinisa Poland Thesis title: Tom, Megha Treesa India Thesis title: Adaptation of the Phaedon cochleariae pectolytic system to plant-derived inhibitors. Lackus, Nathalie Germany Thesis title: By colliding particles at more than 3.

Ionization energy loss and time-of-flight measurements were made using the inner tracker and the muon system, respectively. Nuclear masses are essential for astrophysical applications, such as r-process nucleosynthesis and neutron-star structure. Mazumdar, Tilottama India Thesis title: Understanding the regulatory basis of defence signaling in plants – The role of Argonautes in modulating defense responses in Nicotiana attenuata. The p-value computed using the SM signal cross section of 2. Easson, Michael Canada Thesis title:

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SNe Ia are as bright as their entire host galaxy, which allows their use as long-range cosmic beacons. In order to get a better description of nuclear structure, a similar procedure is also implemented in the nuclear charge radius. We employ a novel lepton jet algorithm and find no evidence of an excess of such events with respect to the rate predicted by the Standard Model and interpret the null result in terms of a recently developed supersymmetric theory of dark matter.

Title The Higgs Boson: The excited thssis of the nucleon are usually found as broadly overlapping resonances which may decay into a multitude of final states involving mesons and baryons. A systematic study of the speedup Investigation of three glycoside hydrolase families implicated in cellulose and hemicellulose digestion in Phytophaga beetles.

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How does sexual communication evolve in a recently invaded moth species? No significant narrow resonance in the diphoton spectrum is observed in the mass range of — GeV. Extension to other nuclear observables is a natural next step in asserting the eectiveness of the BNN method in nuclear physics.


Only models with radioactive material will show significant X-ray line fluxes during the first few months. Neuroecology of courtship behavior in Drosophila.

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These events have been shown to be standardizable based on properties of their light curves during the early-time photospheric phase. Deorphanization of chemosensory neurons in D. Normalization of spectra to the 1. Creator Gleyzer, Sergei V. Show more This dissertation presents the search for the standard model Higgs boson and initial measurement of its properties using the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at venmatesh Large Hadron Collider.

Another possibility is relaxing gaugino mass universality which may solve the relic density problem by having neutralino annihilations via the Z or h resonances, or by having a wino-like LSP. Effects of the main secondary metabolites of Physalis plants on a specialist and a generalist species of Lepidoptera. Novel methods for finding statistical trends in sparsely-sampled and non-coincidental light curve data are explored and utilized. Chen, Li Venkatexh Thesis title: To separate magnetic field from geometrical effects, we show the need for a time series of observations starting some months after maximum light.

Several models of new physics yield particles that are massive, long-lived, and have an electric charge, Q, greater than that of the electron, e. Dong, Ling China Thesis title: The role of plant beta-glucosidases and beta-glucosidase-aggregating factors in BXD activation in WCR-damaged maize roots.

Chlorophyll degradation in Spodoptera littoralis. Predators that eat toxic food. I find that most SNe in our sample originate from stars close to the upper limit of the range of possible Main-Sequence masses, indicating that most Feu Ia explode relatively soon after the progenitor star’s formation.


venkatesh thesis fsu

Limits obtained with a Bayesian method are also reported. In particular, we study the impact of the corrections on the total cross section and invariant mass distributions of the bottom anti-bottom quark pair at the Fermilab Tevatron ppbar collider.

venkatesh thesis fsu

Fzu calculation involves several difficult issues due to the three massive particles in the final state, a situation which is at the frontier of radiative correction calculations in quantum field theory. I investigate the intrinsic primary parameter variation of SNe Ia via template fitting, and then probe the secondary LC variations using monochromatic differential analysis in the UBV bands.

Higher precision is needed to determine the nature of the dark energy, however, and to accomplish this we turn to secondary parameters of LC variation. Creator Connolly, Brian M. Effect of drought on the MEP pathway in Picea glauca. These searches, interpreted in the context of simplified models, exclude supersymmetric gluons gluinos up to masses of to GeV, depending on the model considered, and exclude scalar top quarks with masses up to about GeV, assuming a massless lightest supersymmetric particle.

Fu, Nanxia China Thesis title: