Open Access OA stands for free and unlimited dissemination of academic literature. Please enter the title and, where applicable, the subtitle of the journal or collected edition in the format “Title. It is comparable with the GEMA, who protects and organizes the copyright for sound carrier. This function expands the search area and is recommended when there are several terms for one subject. If authors who have voluntarily published their work should desire a correction, they must re-publish the document.

If your work contains programmes, files, video sequences, audio documents or similar on a CD enclosure, they must be prepared for publication as a compressed zip file and uploaded as well. Please enter the volume number of the series after the title of the series. For actual lectures, see the document type Lecture. FAU’s Open Access policy encourages the University’s researchers not to grant publishers exclusive publication rights but to reserve the right to make a digital copy of their work available on the University’s publication server after any retention periods have ended. In databases and scientific search engines, the abstract field is usually also searched even when the full text of the document is not searched. Diplom, Magister, Bachelor’s, and Master’s theses but not written assignments or seminar papers. Wir besprechen dann gern mit Ihnen das genaue Prozedere.

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You will need to register with T. The document type Other is intended for any disseftation that do not fit any of the categories listed. This document type can be used for digital and physical objects.

This information is only stored internally. It is intended for public dissemination.


veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

Journal articles, essays from collected editions, full editions of journals, congress reports, reports, pre-prints, working papers, reviews, images, films, audio verööffentlichung. Here they can be used to combine different search words within one search field. With this service, the University Library supports free access to scientific information as defined by Open Access.

veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

The electronic document General information on the electronic document The term electronic document as used in these guidelines shall be defined as a text- and graphics-based document that is stored in digital form on a storage medium and disseminated via computer networks. Find your book on. We recommend using several meaningful terms in German and English. Legal framework Rights and obligations of the contractual parties By agreeing to the guidelines and signing the publication contract, the author grants the operator of the publication server licence for the following: List of PDF software.

Am einfachsten ist es, direkt beim Verlag zu ordern. Documents that have not undergone one of FAU’s internal quality assurance processes, do not meet the requirements for final papers and theses given above and have not been reviewed by the Academic Advisory Board see http: Essays on today educational new york essay about napoleon vg wort dissertation mba essay writing services american made.

Allgemein Was ist der Dokumenten- und Publikationsserver Qucosa? Image The document type Image is for visual representations. Wie kann ich Publikationen des Dokumenten- und Publikationsservers lesen?

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Links and references disclaimer The operator is only responsible for the original content provided in accordance with the applicable laws. No difference is made between sounds, noises and music.


Folgende Dokumentenarten stehen zur Auswahl: You can add further abstracts by clicking the button ‘Add wortt more abstract’. Lonchocarpus cyanescens descriptive essay help vg wort at 7. High citation rate Several studies have shown that Veröffentlicbung Access publications are now cited with approximately the same frequency as publications that appeared in print.


The complete English translation is embedded as an attachment veröffentlichunh the PDF file. Monographs, research reports and articles are archived and made freely accessible on an institutional server. This publication server is based on OPUS 4. Doctoral Thesis The document type Doctoral Thesis describes the thesis which is submitted to achieve a doctoral degree.

Every time a website or a linked object is requested, the following access data is stored: Dissertatoin document type Report includes text material that does not fit into any other category, e. Wie sieht das fertige Buch aus? The document type Image is for visual representations.

veröffentlichung dissertation vg wort

When you register your document, you will need to provide the URL http: The electronic documents are assigned individual, permanent addresses URNs which allow direct access to the dissertatiln. The VG Wort receives legal renumerations of all that install copiers in public or private rooms e.