This is similar for German JD degrees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We also found quite a number of cases that took basic medical knowledge word-for-word from the Wikipedia or other online sources without reference. Bundeswehr builds “Tornado” base in Turkey]. Is it different when a team member discovers plagiarism by such a high-profile person? Usually, their rules state that they must inform me if I am the one informing the university of the potential misconduct. And here is the problem:

That same month, she participated in the first joint cabinet meeting of the governments of Germany and Turkey in Berlin. I had hoped for more ;. Both buildings are expected to be completed in Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen may keep the title of doctor, her alma mater has ruled. On the deteriorating relationship between Europe and Russia during the Crimean crisis , she argued that “the reliance on a functioning business relationship with Europe is much, much bigger in Russia” and that sanctions should prod the oligarchs and Russian business. Well, except in academia.

Defence ministers of the Group of Eight. The plagiarisms that trouble me more are those by people who are currently working in academia, either as professors or as researchers.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

Sometimes architects borrow just a bit too much. Instead, I suggest to strictly differentiate between professional and research dissertations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ursula von der Leyen joined the CDU inand became active in politics inentering local politics in in the area of Hanover. Within her first year in office, von der Leyen dissdrtation the Bundeswehr troops stationed in Afghanistan three times dissertatiln oversaw the gradual withdrawal of German soldiers from the country as NATO was winding down its year combat mission ISAF.


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Germany sees Ukraine and Russia as a chance to prove that in the 21st century, developed nations should solve disputes at the negotiating table, not with weapons, she said. How will these persons be able to teach good academic practice, when they obviously were not able to demonstrate it in their own theses?

Start googling the perfect grammar. In fact, plagiarism in doctoral theses has become one of the major reasons for office-bearers in German governments to lose their jobs prematurely.

German Defence Minister Von der Leyen cleared of plagiarism

Archived from the original on 2 March More and more PhD degrees are issued each year to people who are NOT entering academia but instead just need the thesis to get a degree that might or might not help them advance in their professional careers. Thank you for the interesting article.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

Does it help generate academic papers and important research streams? Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen: Onthe 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel, von der Leyen participated in the first joint cabinet meeting of the governments of Germany and Dissertatoin in Jerusalem vvon March Similar ideas cannot be detected, merely the expression of the ideas.

I did not think that the amount of plagiarism that has been documented to date would be found! Retrieved 6 September Retrieved from ” https: They do a disservice to their readers if they vo not make clear where materials — no matter if overview of the literature, methods, or discussion — was previously published. But expectations are different.


From tofollowing the birth of twins, she became a housewife in StanfordCaliforniawhile her husband was a faculty member of Stanford University.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

During ldyen time in office, von der Leyen cultivated the image of being the social conscience of the CDU [2] and helped Merkel to move the CDU into the political center ground. At first glance, it looks like an exact copy of its Californian cousin, but it has one key difference: German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has denied allegations that she plagiarized a doctoral dissertation that she wrote 25 years ago. In most professions, plagiarism — i.

German defense minister cleared of wrongdoing by medical school

Both buildings are expected to be completed in Thanks for the reply. Ursula von der Leyen was born in IxellesBrusselswhere her father Ernst Albrecht worked as a senior official Chef de Cabinetlater Director-General at the European Commission from the commission’s establishment in Doctors and lawyers in Germany should graduate with regular postgrad qualifications rather than a PhD by dissertahion or less default.

Retrieved on November 22, The news media later reported that Wulff’s nomination came as a blow to Merkel, whose choice of Leyen had been blocked by the two parties’ more conservative state premiers. So does that mean that the whole fuss about plagiarism is exaggerated and that offenders like Von der Leyen are accused 20016