When Baz made it, it was seven minutes long. But not everyone was sure: O ne of the people who got it in his emails was a young man named Anton [Monstead] who was working with Baz. Dutch Top 40 Retrieved May 6, Nobody even has love letters anymore!

While searching for the writer’s contact information, Luhrmann discovered that Schmich was the actual author. Were you speaking to a younger self? What he’s saying is that we have to find our own way, that the whole idea of advice is something of a con. Still, there are broad strokes, broad implications. March 1, [ Paving sustainably This robot helps you lift objects — by looking at your biceps Fabrics poised to become the new software From micro to macro. The actual author was Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich, of whom Vonnegut said, “What she wrote was funny, wise and charming, so I would have been proud had the words been mine.

W hat changed everything was when a freelance writer in Portland did a little blurb for the New York Times Magazine about this cult hit in Portland.

Real ‘suncreen speech’ author sets record straight

Were you surprised by its success? It was released in some territories inwith the speech including its opening words, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of ’97” completely intact. I did get a lot of snail mail, and a little bit of email, about it. So this thing started going around in the gradation internet.


All of a sudden, in the course of about two days, it exploded. It was later released as a single in O h, a number of times.

Kurt Vonnegut may be dead but he still gives good advice to graduates

Once it became clear what was happening, that this song was going to sell, he was quite generous with me. Thanks for the laugh. Schmich published a short gift book adaptation of the essay, Wear Sunscreen: It made me feel something. The song also appeared in Germany and was soon followed by a Sunsccreen version with the title “Sonnencreme”.

vonnegut graduation speech sunscreen

I was alerted to my bond with Mr. We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. Still, the material here offers us a slightly different lens, a different window, extending across a wide range of time and geography, from Fredonia College in Fredonia New York in to Eastern Washington University in Spokane inand framed by not just Vonnegut’s sense of humor but also of humanity, his faith in our essential decency.

Vonnegut and I did in our speech, urge his graduates to “dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room. The speaker was allegedly Kurt Vonnegut. Retrieved January 15, October 8, at 9: Out there, where any snake can masquerade as king, both of us are the author of a graduation speech that began with the immortal words, “Wear sunscreen.

Blog of Alex Dubas. But Luhrmann never wrote those words. Keep your love emails.


Wear Sunscreen – Wikipedia

She later explained that the initial inspiration for what advice to offer came from seeing a young woman sunbathingand hoping that she was wearing sunscreen, unlike what she herself did at that age. The following day, my phone started exploding with radio DJs and reporters wanting to interview me about it.

vonnegut graduation speech sunscreen

Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune wrote a satirical commencement speech in her sumscreen on June 1. But it became a big hit in Australia very quickly.

O f course, that panicked me. And yet, Vonnegutwho died in at the age of 84, was also a witty commencement speaker himself, especially in the last decade of his life, when he had stopped writing fiction. John Safran released a song entitled “Not the Sunscreen Song” which peaked at number 20 in Australia.

He was not, and never has been, MIT’s commencement speaker.

vonnegut graduation speech sunscreen

Ironically, as its creation saw Smich accused of plagiarism herself, its adoption saw one high school principal fired. People keep calling me! New investment in the Osborn Triangle This robot helps you lift objects — by looking at your biceps.