I reported this yesterday without “UIC” in the school name. Previously on the waitlist. My second biggest piece of advice is to learn how to skim for main idea and important concepts. Accepted off the waitlist, with funding. Any movement on the fiction waitlist? To the poster below: Still radio silence from CofC.

Clearly I was happy, right? Have you heard back from programs? Please let us know if a program is still notifying applicants. Apply the same skills to your lit classes! Best of luck to everyone.

I was waitlisted to an excellent Snowbelt school before hearing from others…I know how you feel.

Accepted and waitlisted for funding. Have any waitlisted folks received news of movement or any other updates?

I called weeks ago and was told decisions would be out last week of March. Different programs creative at a variety of factors. Your query for English produced 22, results. Is anyone turning down a poetry offer from UW?

English Graduate School Admission Results

Reading a regular book in a modern vernacular might not be a big deal. Generously, she agreed to meet with me to tell me in person that I had been waitlisted and just had to be patient.

waitlist mfa creative writing

That winter, I had planned an unrelated trip to Miami to visit some friends from undergrad. You need to send a thank you email to the program and indicate waitliwt you do or do not still want to be waitlisted. By my third semester, I realized this strategy was untenable and adapted.


How to Actively Wait…list | The MFA Years

Just got off the waitlist today, but I have already accepted an offer from a school that is a better fit. Good luck to the other applicants.

Knoxville, here we come! At the end of the day, being on mfa waitlist is the admissions equivalen to limbo creative and it’s hard to reside in this position. Will they attend another school?

waitlist mfa creative writing

Up until March 17 ththe signs were not looking good for me to get into grad school. A waitlist gives the waitlist a chance to fill an empty space if an admitted student responds that he or she will not matriculate. You are commenting using your WordPress. None of the accepted people seem to have turned down their offers so I’m assuming all hope is lost for me on this front.

Or, perhaps there was just a surge of interest in the program and you writing edged out by a small margin. To waitlit poster below: I think what they have going on there is truly exciting.

Accepted off the waitlist – straight from undergraduate, full funding, TA-ship, unbelievably excited. I’m from a field outside of English.

Most importantly, I continued reading and revising …. They didn’t tell me anything about the process in my acceptance email, but I do know they’re going to be checking their email constantly through the 15th too, so not to wiatlist about the fact that it’s a weekend. Letter came from graduate director. Read what others are saying: No response at all, even sent an email asking about status, but no response creatlve all. I know of someone who turned down a poetry offer at UVA recently.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. I sent a hardcopy and electronic copy of a letter updating both the director of the program and the director of admissions on my writing life since submitting my application projects I was working on, recent publications, and creative writing mentorship I had undertaken as well as my continued interest in IU.

Two more days and we’ll all know whether we’re going to grad school this year or not and yet I fell like I can’t wait even another minute. Or perhaps cfeative have had great performance at high-level internships, but mfa GRE scores were average.

Is there some method of managing the waitlisr