What a sad ending. I was quite shocked at this discovery, a great one at the same time. Get to Know Us. Well, I missed the launching in Publika which was not intentional , all my Fixi Novo’s books were from the first print and I was proud of that and the cover for Wedding Speech was awesome! In short, the author should have done a better research on the male psyche. Return to Book Page.

However, I believe that the author has some potential to be good one day. D All of the above and many more heinous crimes. I was referred to Fixi by a FB friend and spotted this book. Regardless, this is not a useless effort. Amy Amira rated it it was ok Oct 24, I don’t like the twisted ending though, i wanted a happy ending despi Yes, it would be great to have a dictionary by your side while reading this book, but that’s not the main point. I have to admit that as a traveler and reader at the same time, I am a bit lost with certain part of the story.

Pick up a copy of Wedding Speech to find the answer.

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This was not the wisest decision, I would say, knowing speehc content would contradict the spiritual fights that I must endure as a Muslim. Jul 07, Plainqoma rated it liked it.

Moreover, as Yus is always in debt, her more generous allowance affords him an avenue to borrow money. I have a thing about villains – I’m fascinated by them and Yusrizan Yusuf is no exception.

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He is a selfish creep, no questions asked. True love requires sacrifice, right? Fixi Novo has never failed to amaze me. Besides, this was what the book missed at certain point – true emotion. B Punch one of Kuala Lumpur’s famous forensic experts, because, let’s face it, you have had it. One similarity is both are generally love stories but the former is clearly darker. The present is rooted around his wedding day, and the narration goes back and forth as he reminisces the past.


WEDDING SPEECH by Khaliza Khalid

Look at the colour and simplicity of the book, folks! The story also flashes back to the past now and then to give me a glimpse of how Yus was back then. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books. Her biggest fantasy is to be a tai tai who owns a futuristic cat ranch one day.

If you have read a bunch of my book reviews, you’d know that I prefer mostly romantic tales as part of my daily diet.

wedding speech fixi

I used to do that when I started writing, and I get irritated every time I read my earlier stories. The premise has potential.

wedding speech fixi

The narrative is deliberately disjointed – seven out of ten Malaysian authors aspire to convince their readers that these authors are part of a literary wunderkind parade, after all, through contrived use of narrative gimmicks – but the author isn’t consistent with her tenses, so it soon becomes annoying when when speevh present and weddint tense show up regardless of whether the scene in question is in the present day or in the past.


Eventually, this whole twisted thing in this book just burst the anger of the reader. However, I believe that the author has some potential to be good one day. Unfortunately, Khaliza flails and fails at writing a non-linear timeline, and should have stuck beginning the story with the wedding reception and reveal everything in chronological sequence as Yusrizan ticks off the six items he has to express in his wedding speech. Or she has a paperback thesaurus ready and does the same thing. I say this book has a typical Malaysian storytelling ending.

It is indeed beautifully sad story.


I also enjoyed the subtle changes in Yusrizan’s character as the story progresses. As for the ending…how do I review the book without spoiling the ending? It has got to do with all aspects including the character, the intricate words, the short sentences and the whole story line. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Paling membencikan sebenarnya the plot twist.

And boy do I have words on the incongruity of points of views see below. I don’t think so. Frankly, I searched for their boo Just a piece of advice: Start dari Kelly jumpa dgn Yana.

Regardless, with an open mind and knowing that reading was part of learning, I made sure that whatever I read in there was not purely emotion and some things needed objectivity.