Number Square A hundred square with options of or or any other starting point up to One for the youngsters! The booklets are collated Edexcel exam questions; you may well recognise them from elsewhere. Nrich is where it’s at if your want to provide enrichment and problem solving in your lessons. Interactive Games Some really good maths games here.

Play around with them. Aimed at 10 and 11 year olds, these tests are good revision for SATs. Gordons pay using one kind of coin. Gordons hit the button. Plupon Add 3 numbers at a time without going over

Gordons centre total dartboard. Problem Solving Strategies Lesson.

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We subscribe to a maths interactive site called Sumdog which the children love. School website created using School Jottera Webanywhere product. Problem Solving with Shape, Space and Measure. For 1 or 2 players. Year 4 Rounding and Comparing Numbers. Use the number spinner.

Gordons digital time bingo. Homework There will be set routines for homework in each class. They are ideal for class or small group teaching and cover the majority of areas of the primary maths curriculum. The UKMT has a mentoring scheme that provides fantastic problem solving resourcesall complete with answers. Play around with them. This is an excellent resource for ordering numbers.


wmnet maths problem solving

Addition Wheel Arrange the numbers so each line adds up to the solvimg number. This is an American site that has some excellent maths resources arranged by age group so that you can choose work to support, engage and extend children in different areas of the mathematics curriculum. Most of the keys have fallen off Eric’s calculator.

Gordons guess the number. So much to do for so many levels.

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Also Ten Fat Sausages song. Snakes and Ladders Great fun for up to 6 players. The questions are read out and marked. A great game for learning about numbers, although would be better if it were a square. Gordons problem solving – monster. Gordons addition bingo Gordons area. Gordons moving digit cards. I may be a little biased because I love Edexcel, but these question packs are really useful.

Year 4 Compass Directions Song Have a listen to this song to help you remember the order of the cardinal compass points and how to identify the directions in between.


Instructions are necessary, but it’s easy to work out.

wmnet maths problem solving

Click here for more information. Various levels from whole numbers to 50right up to decimals and large numbers. Number Square A hundred square with options of or or any other starting point up to The site is bright, colourful and animated.

wmnet maths problem solving

Ratio and Proportion Answers. Take on the Questionaut Challenge which wil call upon your Maths, English, Science and problem solving skills! Set up is easy so join in and have some fun.