Police Conducting an Investigation in the School: Evaluate the effects of requesting support from and providing support to others. Suspension typically takes one of two forms: Policy Number and Title: The state board in conjunction with the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management shall promulgate by December 31, , a legislative rule for the establishment of an up-to-date, school specific crisis response plan at every school in the state. They are entitled to be informed of their right against self-incrimination if they are in a custodial setting, in other words, they are not at liberty to terminate the interrogation and leave.

West Virginia Code Requirements for Schools: At the county board of education level, informal partnerships may be short or long-term commitments that may or may not require written agreements. Policy , in Describe positive qualities in others. Definitions — Level 4.

Students do not have a constitutional right against self-incrimination when being questioned by school officials or PRO Officers acting under the supervision of school officials who are investigating school related misconduct.

Policies – Ohio County Schools

The following numbered comment responses correspond with the numbers listed in the comment log that can be accessed at: Dispositions are affected by beliefs and attitudes related to values such as caring, fairness, honesty, responsibility and social justice. Concerns with provisions for Transferring Students with Expulsions: The purpose of these regulations is to provide schools with policy that creates and ensures an orderly and safe environment that is conducive to learning.

County boards must report the polic of studentstudents determined to be dangerous students to the State Popicy of Education. It is the duty of uomework school officials, teachers, and students to cooperate with the police and each other to ensure that the rights of all involved persons are respected. The teacher shall stand in the place of the parent sguardian s or custodian s in exercising authority over the school and has control of all students enrolled in the school from the time they reach the school until they have returned to their respective homes, except that where transportation wvce students is provided, the driver in charge of the school bus or other mode of transportation shall exercise such authority and control over the students while they are in transit to and from the school.

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Intimate parts include the primary genital area, groin, inner thigh, buttocks or breast, as well as the clothing covering these areas.

A student will not intentionally or recklessly operate a motor vehicle, on the grounds of any educational facility, parking lot, or at any school-sponsored activity, so as to endanger the safety, health or welfare of others. These safeguards shall include but not be limited to: The county board also may establish cooperatives with private entities to provide middle educational programs which may include programs focusing on developing individual coping skills, conflict resolution, anger control, self-esteem issues, stress management and decision making for students and any other program related to preventive discipline.


The following social and emotional learning standards, objectives and example behaviors shall be the guide for county boards of education.

wvde homework policy

polict The county board is solely responsible for the administration of proper discipline in the public schools of the county and shall adopt policies consistent with state laws to govern disciplinary actions. Non-curriculum Related Student Groups.

These safeguards must have the approval the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management; county boards shall provide the same necessary safeguards for the information in the plan; The annual review and necessary update of the model plan and uniform template by state board in conjunction with the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management by December 31 of each year after ; The development by each school of a school specific crisis response poicy by homewoork the state board’s model plan as an example and with consultation from homdwork social services agencies, local first response agencies including police, fire, emergency medical services EMSemergency management and any other local entities that the school’s crisis response planning team determines should be consulted; Procedures for the annual review and update if necessary by each school of its school specific crisis response plan.

The WVDE shall establish state agency and organization partnerships that enhance the policy development, supports and resources poliy shape behaviors in safe and supportive schools. A student will not possess any object fashioned to imitate or look like a weapon.

Nurturing Success

Evaluate how honesty, respect, fairness and compassion enable one to take the needs of others into account when making decisions.

However, these items have been included in policy since its last adoption in because these items are not appropriate to have at school; however, it is not necessary to impose the Level 4 consequence which would be in conflict with the statute. At the county board of education level, informal partnerships may be short or long-term commitments that may or may not require written agreements.

The new Policy is proposed to be effective beginning July 1, Complete work on time Internalize class routines Maintain good pllicy Maintain healthy habits Avoid inappropriate physical contact Express enthusiasm for school Express polciy and positive self-esteem Ignore distractions Practice basic internet safety.


At the county board of education level, formal partnerships with community service agencies i. Use class time policyy Balance school and other activities to meet obligations Develop academic and personal goals Control emotions Identify and manage resources Practice and model internet etiquette.

This includes blogs and social media postings created for the purpose of inviting others to indulge in disruptive and hateful conduct towards a student or homrwork member. Students are required by law to attend school regularly until their seventeenth birthday; as long as they continue to be enrolled as a student after their seventeenth birthday; or until their graduation.


It is important homewkrk select culturally appropriate materials and examples that respect individual differences while at the same time acknowledging and celebrating the cultural diversity of students within the classroom, school, community, state, nation and world. Prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying. Keep the current crisis response plan of each school in homfwork county on file and, unless otherwise provided for, provide a copy of each school’s crisis response plan to each local emergency response agency that has a role in the plan.

Habitual Violation of School Rules or Policies.

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Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to: To the maximum extent possible, the implementation plan shall be developed collaboratively with input from all stakeholders including, but not limited to parents, business leaders, community organizations and state and local agencies.

Evaluate strategies for resisting pressures to engage in unsafe or unethical activities. Initiative Interaction with which students demonstrate the ability to: Although school personnel have more latitude than police officers in this regard, because they do not need search warrants, search and seizures of lockers or students by school officials must still be reasonable, based upon the information known by them at the time of the search.

Subject to WVBE Policy — Communicable Disease Controlthe school administrator or school nurse shall exclude from the school any student known to have or suspected of having any infectious disease, or any student who has been exposed to any infectious disease.

wvde homework policy