Jun Wei graduated with a diploma in biotechnology while Ron has a diploma in biomedical laboratory technology. Thirdly, I see being a doctor can greatly facilitate me in achieving my dreams. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Interviewers may also attempt to discuss with you current affairs usually related to health-care issues. It seems like everyone keeps scolding you and you can’t keep up. How likely is the probability that I will ever think of studying medicine?

My only advice to prepare for the essay is to read widely about the health industry in Singapore, and be as creative as possible. You have just arrived home and realise you forgot to hand over the need to review the investigation results to the FY1 doctor taking over your shift. Probably the best interview I’ve ever had. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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yllsom personal statement

Not worth the gamble. Make sure to get consultations with your teachers if you need help with a specific topic, they statemetn more staatement willing to help and asking them to explain things can help save a lot of confusion and time!

Money is just not enough to motivate most people in the medical profession. There are a lot of factors to consider. Interviewers may also attempt to discuss with you current affairs usually related to health-care issues.

Content of Your Personal Statement – YLLSOM | nushs medicine

Click continue to follow them. Do check it out and contact me again if you’d like to know more about IMU. First and foremost, be sincere and truthful about what you are writing.


It is not meant to be used commercially or for purposes other than personal research or private study. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. You’re holding the withdrawal form in your hands and you find yourself asking the same question over and over again, atatement this worth it?

yllsom personal statement

Therefore, I see that the onus is on the best 25 per cent group to take on the heavier responsibilities by rendering themselves to take on the more difficult career path; one example is to be a doctor. Is that a safe score as mentioned in ur blog or would I have to submit an EIS application?

Tips for Entering NUS Medical School

I am fully aware that the path to be a doctor is extremely arduous and long. Any diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore. The last thing you want is to lie about something at the start of the interview and snook yourself halfway through. Income inequality in canada essays allyson hobbs dissertation defense ang paborito kong laro essay.

In the same way, be judicious in the way you use the limited wordcount you have. You’ve made it into NUS Medicine and have been studying for three years now.

The Group Station The group station will give you a task to complete in groups. Definitely relate all that you are writing to why you want to do medicine. I know of people who got in despite having done 0 volunteering, as well as ppl who were rejected after years of volunteer work. In order to be attention grabbing, the easiest way would probably to give a personal anecdote.


As you can see, I was very careful in planning what I included in my PS. My friend had a question on what are some of the new policies implemented in polyclinics, and asked her about dementia since she wants to become a psychiatrist. Feel free to ask me more questions if you do get shortlisted! Always remember that you are only as special as you make yourself out to be. For example, if you say, I am a determined and motivated person, substantiate with specific instances which shows how you cultivated such qualities or how you demonstrated such qualities.

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Anyway, I am thinking of drafting out my personal statement during this period now, and I was yllso, what would add value to my PS? Would you be knowing of the quota for Singaporean PRs? You are commenting using your WordPress.

yllsom personal statement

We found some doctors you may like. As you can imagine, the statemenf of requests add up very quickly. Hi Faith I got Someone who has a good foundation in a broad number of fields will do well.