Where the guidelines require. Following approval of the proposal by the supervisory committee, students must submit one or more copies of the proposal to the graduate program director. Directed Group Study Guidelines. Final approval of supervisory committee membership recommendations rests with the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students should also retain copies of all copyright permission requests and approvals. The instructions below outline the step by step process of using the application. Where there has been collaboration with others in the collection or preparation of data, materials, or documentation included in the thesis or dissertation, then appropriate acknowledgment must be made in the thesis or dissertation.

These guidelines are designed to support an environment in which such a professional working relationship can flourish. However, the student has the right to insist that the oral proceed as planned. A thesis supervisory committee shall meet annually with the student, normally in the spring, to carefully evaluate the Report on Progress submitted by the student and submit a completed copy of the Report on Progress to the Graduate Program Director after the meeting. Ryerson have their own guidelines for submission of thesis and dissertation proposals, York: The abstract should be inserted immediately following the Title Page, and should be numbered “ii”. Faculty of Health Information about and guidelines related to research and for making recommendations to Data collection for an Honours Thesis i.

The student is responsible for ensuring that all members of the exam committee have an e-copy of the dissertation, unless prior approval has been received for the submission of a paper copy.

The exam committee members have the responsibility of ensuring that high standards of scholarship are met. Such recommendations are to be accompanied by a brief rationale and an up-to-date yuidelines vitae, which may be ykrk to the Recommendation for Oral Examination Form. FGS will need to receive the following before you will be able to access your record:.


The Chair of the exam committee normally participates fully in the questioning of the candidate, the discussion and the vote. It should contain evidence of critical understanding of the relevant literature.

Graduate supervision serves an important role in training promising scholars. The regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies generally apply guirelines all students enrolled in graduate programs.

The research embodied in the thesis should make some original contribution to knowledge in the field. Grade Change Grade changes, with the exception of an Incomplete to a letter grade, must be petitioned.

The title should indicate as clearly as possible the area of research, but it is understood that this title may change.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

Before an oral examination can be convened, a majority of the exam yorl members must agree that the dissertation is examinable. Doctoral Programme Progress Guidelines. By submitting a thesis or dissertation, a student is making the representation that it is entirely his or her own work and that it has been done while he or she was a graduate student at York University.

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This petition serves as permission for full-time students to be away from campus for a period longer than four yoork for purposes related to their academic work. Your Best Price, Compare. Paginate your thesis or dissertation following these guidelines: You must select at least one subject that best describes the overall subject of your thesis or dissertation. York University s regulations regarding theses.

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In addition to the PDF of your thesis or dissertation, you may have supplementary files to add. You may upload as many files as necessary, but no single file can exceed MB. The number of copies of a thesis required for an oral exam depends upon the number of members on the exam committee.


Failed In the event of failure, detailed reasons must be supplied in writing by the Chair of the exam committee to the Dean, program director and candidate within 10 business days. Studies generally apply to all students enrolled in graduate programs at York Guidelines, Policies Forms. In such circumstances, the following conditions must be met:.

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Tables dissertaton be horizontal or vertical as long as the required margins are used. The regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies generally apply to all students enrolled in graduate programs at York University. A thesis examining committee shall consist of at least three voting members, including the Chair, as follows:.

The student must vissertation registered as active for the term in which the oral exam is scheduled to take place. It is a way of confirming that you have indeed completed all the degree requirements–or received a waiver–and that we are all in agreement about your record.

If co-authored, the candidate must provide an account of its provenance. The regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies dissertatkon apply to all students enrolled in graduate programs at York Thesis.

In addition, it should contain a rationale for the study.

york fgs thesis guidelines

If students’ ability to make academic progress alters, they may petition for a change of status. In such cases, the oral shall be postponed for a period not to exceed 12 months.

Normally, students who carry Incompletes are not eligible for an LOA.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

If you do not solely control the copyright in the material, please let me know as soon as possible.