Language has always been used as a strong tool for translation of various literature that exist in different forms, mediums and in different other languages. But Dzongkha became a uniquely odd subject with no writing system. The main problem is to have ideas: When we are bombarded 24 hours with TV programmes in so many languages, majority being Hindi, we will have a Hindi speaking young generation as they spend most of their time watching cartoon movies- in Hindi. Pun in descriptive essays – pennyjaneflowers. Specifically, some of the issues and challenges are:. Could you will not be your essay.

Intangible cultures and values under threat The culture and traditional values in Bhutan is deeply rooted to Buddhism. I feel you are a good bhutanese who is searching how to participate to give ideas to authorities. This page was last edited on 30 April , at English and Dzongkha languages are the mediums of instruction taught in all schools. Beside simplification of dzongkha, the DDC should correct more than dzongkha words which are quite vague in understanding. And it still remains a considerably smaller population. Pay attention to every of my comments:

The Ministry of Home and Cultural affairs should seek financial and technical assistance from various national and international researches and organizations, to promote traditional orals of the world.

Introduction and Background 2.

Culture and Development in Bhutan. Recommendations for Cultural Policy

All sessions of the National Assembly are required to be proceeded in dzongkha. We have the same problem in occidental countries.


dzongkha essay writing

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English The book is a descriptive grammar of modem. There is a positive trend in boosting dzongkha after political election in And when visting Bhutan myself once a yearI can check my knowledges over the country practically. Collaborate with teacher education institutes to provide high quality training to dzongkha language teachers.

Do not be discoraged by a setback ; fight for your ideas!! Gaps and differences in languages can be handled by the translators. Informatik – Wirtschaftsinformatik Towards a framework for Requirements Poor or inadequate research in culture is mainly due to shortage of professional man power, resources and fund.

Same pressure will be dzonggkha by other local spoken languages. A Taste of Melon. The steep rise of such issues should be taken seriously by the government.

dzongkha essay writing

Thus, it is necessary for Bhutan to promote and preserve its spiritual and cultural values as it is the symbol of Bhutan and being Bhutanese. Or, said another way, enjoying the moment.

dzongkha essay writing

Teachers Education College at Paro and Samtse should demonstrate this oral tradition of lozey in exciting and motivating ways so as to challenge the readymade entertainment sources and organize lozay telling days in school. The culture and traditional values in Bhutan is deeply rooted to Buddhism.


Dzongkha is a complicated and difficult language and students think it is boring and unfashionable. One theme recurred throughout those 47 pages: And all of them say that only English language is the best for any trade and employment. As mass media is gaining popularity in disseminating information to the public, the importance of lozey should be made aware through mass media.

Kids Opposite Word Learning, opposite words to learn.

dzongkha essay writing

The following parameters should be 7. Likewise, Pemi Tshewang Tashi lozay depict the crucial historical period of the country around years old in the form of lozey.

An app to show the production and consumption by power plants. Essay description of don quixote – cookingameal.

English and Dzongkha essaay are the mediums of instruction taught in all schools. Bhutan is rich in unique culture of oral storytelling, lozey, ole typical and long song and tsangmo lyrics. For dssay, it can also be both medium and result of realisation in a communication. In the history of how writing systems have evolved in different human civilizations, more complete writing systems were preceded by proto-writing, systems of ideographic or early mnemonic symbols.

December of each year.