Fridriksson, personal communication, April 5, ; S. PC analysis of key words — and key key words. The key is human resources]. The 32 schools throughout the country included 24 Malay vernacular schools and 8 private schools: Choosing topics that are of interest to the students helps them to write more balanced expository essays. There is room for greater collaboration and more related studies among countries in the region.

Medical licensing examination MLE , an exit examination, is essential to assess the readiness of a fresh physician in real-life situation. The following studies involved the use of web-based argumentation tools to scaffold argument construction and analysis, and virtual learning environments which involved students in virtual role-play and argumentation. As the world today becomes more complex in term of politics and economics, there are agreements or treaties created in order to maintain the stabilization and development. In addition, there was also an encouraging increase in student attendance for those aged between 7 and This reality puts countries like Cambodia at a linguistic disadvantage for integration. During the implementation of a project requiring technology in the teaching of the English language, on-going follow-up support was needed to help teachers implement technology in English lessons.

Competency framework for English language teachers: Toward cooperation for mutual benefits. It then describes several major initiatives of a national project that was created to implement a major government decision to build national comunity) language capacity.

Regional community also provide an opportunity to address specific health problems together. Generally, in most schools and colleges in Vietnam, except for some English language classes in schools for gifted students, teachers continue to emphasize grammar, reading, and writing skills to prepare their students for midterm or final term indonesiann, as the tests, both institutional and national, spcial still designed with a major focus on testing grammar and written structures.


Medical licensing examination MLEan exit examination, is essential to assess the readiness of a fresh physician in real-life situation. One teacher’s foray into new literacies practices. Teachers did not use technology very often for fear of the non-standard English variety being promoted through online and social media platforms.

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Another benefit the AEC brings is its. ETCF Domain 4 professional attitudes and values includes clmmunity) Century skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and lifelong learning.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

AEC planned to take place in Toward a practice-based theory of professional education. Selected key indicators Current Issues of English Learning and Teaching in Vietnam The development of English language learning requirements is shown clearly in the curriculum at all educational levels in Vietnam.

In a paper presented at the Seminar on Strategies of the National Foreign Language Project During on 20th September, in Hanoi, a senior advisor to the NFL reported that 44, English teachers had been assessed to date since N. Chandrasegaran proposed showing students how they could construct their arguments using the language-specific features.


Due to these principles, it can contribute a lot advantages to member states mainly for three aspects. The institutional and legal challenges. What innovations in language assessment are being used?

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

Changes to linguistic diversity of Negara Brunei Darussalam: He has presented at regional and international conferences and universities in the United States, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Vietnam has been partnering with other countries to prepare its workforce for regional integration.

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It was also noted earlier that many believe English to be an increasingly necessary skill for jobs. The chapter concludes with lessons learned, recommendations for Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, and suggestions for further research.


In this case if Indonesia does not merely want to be a spectator of the exploited towards the existence of economic integration in ASEAN AECIndonesia needs to realize the integrated challenges that will be faced in the implementation of the AEC in The findings showed that students used claims most frequently, followed by rebuttals, grounds, warrants, and backing. Feedback from students showed that the web-based argumentation tool created an opportunity for their voice to be heard and helped them to look at sociak viewpoints and the underlying evidence for these.

Vietnam has begun to address English teacher quality through the development of an English language teacher competencies framework, the ETCF. There was a shift in pedagogy: While English has been an officially taught foreign language sinceat present, English language education still faces a number of challenges: In other words, the focus has been on what the teachers are equipped to teach, rather than on the capacity of the teachers themselves.

0215 there were direct foreign investments, many (aseqn and companies consumed labor forces to work in their firm; therefore, as a result, ASEAN employment rate will rise remarkably.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

However, despite the seeming consensus that Cambodia needs to prepare for integration and cklture enhancing English language proficiency is part of that preparation, some Cambodians are doubtful that the country is ready.

Because the focus of assessment, and thus teaching, is on grammar, reading, and writing, innovations in language teaching are difficult to adopt. English represents wealth, power, and opportunity.