Dragons do everything on a grand scale; likewise, Medusa seems to exaggerate, she has extreme expectations of life. Therefore the woman here is declaring her superiority by daring the man to face her and die. Medusa was a character in Greek mythology with snakes for hair, that could turn a person to stone just by looking at them in this first stanza Duffy uses the S-sound to make a reader imagine a hissing, the kind of noise one would associate with serpents. Medusa is a poem in free verse divided into 8 mostly equal stanzas. This is how she claims to look like, yet it is only her opinion, expressed in a first-person narrative. Or it could be a threat as looking at Medusa would result in your death.

Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study guides, textbook notes, and class notes written by your fellow students. It employs many clever features. Like dragons, Medusa has intense powers. Over , specific notes are at your disposal. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls lie and what the key elements will be to your success in that module. Snakes symbolize protection, Emerson, n. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Analytical essay of the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? Medusa, the protagonist, uses the myth metaphorically in order to create a modern and reliable tone, allowing a wider audience and switching the focus from her actions to her feelings.

essay on medusa carol ann duffy

Lastly, if snakes symbolise healing, they also symbolise men with their assertive power, Emerson, n. The use of rhetorical questions is very effective in this poem, because it questions the reader and highlights the themes in the poem.


Thanks to the study guides written by fellow students specifically for your courses, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams. By the clever use of word sssay, language, alliteration and imagery, the poet shows that the character was more than a malevolent being, but was a misunderstood woman.

Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

I think that using the character of Medusa as a metaphor for a jealous lover was a stroke of genius. We encounter a symbolic progression in the word pattern of sight: The idea and the sound of hissing create an atmosphere of danger and tension. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email.

Dragons are confident, tenacious, fearless and successful; Medusa wants to become like that. The word choice in the poem portrays a woman who was forced to turn into a monstrous xuffy, but also has been betrayed and has a vulnerable side. In line thirty-eight Medusa articulates: All though she is seemingly describing her physical appearance it is clear she is actually talking about how she now perceives herself.

Before highlighting another transformation, this time changing a dragon into a volcano. All these add up to create this memorable and thought provoking poem. Let us create the essau one for you!

These ideas are also supported by the strong imagery used in the poem. In the poem Medusa, the poet mainly describes the transformation this woman goes through and the gain in power she experiences. This paradox creates an interesting dynamic as the reader you get to see the comparison between the previously beautiful item and the horrid item it transforms into. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.


The first sentence in this stanza is short and sharp and addresses the reader directly. Analytical essay of the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy. The poet furthermore links this metaphor to the theme of feminism when she describes the women in the poem overpowering the man that hurt her.

Analytical essay of the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy – English Literature – Stuvia

Let me help you. Medusa too, between desires and needs, for instance. But could it be assumed from the next two lines that the reader is supposed to be her husband or partner?

essay on medusa carol ann duffy

esszy Firstly it could be interpreted that she has defeated her fears and is ready to provoke men and face them, showing feminism. Womanizers are often linked to pigs.

Therefore the woman here is declaring her superiority by daring the man to face her and die.

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If sadness reduces, anger increases. Everything you need to know about selling on Stuvia. Secondly that she now accepts to be seen or at last, that she declares her ability to paralyse men. In this stanza the narrator describes how they have become.