Subscribe to this RSS feed. Remember me on this computer. Evolution and Development of Islamic Banking: Non-Muslims, finding Islamic products similar to conventional ones, might have no preference for Islamic ones. Furthermore, CL carries fewer conditions since ownership of the asset remains with the bank. A committee will review the application and a quotation for an insurance policy is necessary. The choice of this theory is in accord with Hameed and Jamshidi, Hashemi, Hussin and Mossafa

This question was not applicable to some respondents since they had leased out an asset before. This tool should be used with caution as non- Muslims can have the misconception that Ijarah and IFPs are for Muslims only. Computed The questionnaire was pilot tested before the actual survey took place. Data was input into and analyzed using SPSS software version From this point, ijarah principles of Islamic banking are developed by Islamic economists and literatures.

The need to survive and prevent future bankruptcy of businesses after the s Great Depression led the discipline of finance to assume some importance Kurfi, It is not allowed to execute the Ijarah contract containing a sales contract effective on a future date as a means of transferring revieq of the leased property.

Ijarah Finance lease Process Flow………………………………….

Competitive Conditions in Islamic and Conventional Banking: Single Married Divorced Others 5. Why not an Ijarah user? Ijarah is used worldwide to service different financing oiterature, and, if properly marketed, can be an attractive Islamic financing tool in Mauritius.

literature review on ijarah

A descriptive study refers to one designed primarily to describe what is going on or what exists whereas an exploratory study is undertaken when few researches have been conducted in an area and little information is available.


Gross Monthly 25 However, until now, very few Islamic products are being marketed and only one institution is providing Islamic leasing facilities in the retail segment.

literature review on ijarah

Esmael, There are several important issues impacting upon accounting in Ijarah, the most important ones being provision for doubtful debts and depreciation. One respondent, though did not work abroad, had an international exposure and acted as speaker at several international conferences on IBF in various countries.

According to Yusoff, Kamdari and MasriAl-ijarah thummal Bay AITAB is a type of lease contract, in which the ijadah title of the leased asset will be passed to the hirer at the end or at the end of the rental period when hirer purchase the asset.

Frequency test table – Source of information about Ijarah [Appendix 9]……………………………………………………………………. Sufian found that impact of remote banks in the Islamic saving money segment in the looks at the Malaysia.

Non-Muslims had a very much lower understanding. Agreements with car dealers could increase profits and the customer base for Ijarah financing for vehicles.

Leasing is perceived as an easy executable transaction because it revoew less documentation and requires less time in concluding a deal. The Company makes payment to the supplier. Structure of Dissertation It describes the rationale and purpose of this study as well Chapter 1: The customer makes periodic rental payments as per the contract. CL is attractive since it is less complex and less time-consuming relative to loans.

Literature review on ijarah

ijraah Thank you for your cooperation and valuable time. This is notwithstanding when the development and extent of Islamic banks were growing internationally. It appears that for non-Muslims, other factors such as better returns, quality of service and confidentiality would be more important determinants in their choice of IFPs.


Data Analysis Table 5.

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The hypotheses to be tested in the Analysis chapter are also tabulated. At the end of the rental period, the customer can exercise his option and purchase the asset from the Company under a separate Sales agreement at the residual value. Skip to main content. Some of its current financing arrangements in leasing, hire purchase agreement, shifting base, a kind of sub-leasing arrangement among the operators themselves reviww times without the knowledge of the lessor, and family base which is in the form philanthropic assistance to the lessee.

Literature review on ijarah

Computed For operational Ijarah, the process flow will be the same but will end at Step 4. As per the latest Population Census conducted indescribing the distribution of population by religion, for the Island of Mauritius only, there wereMuslims out of a total of 1,, representing Questionnaire for Banking Professionals………………………….

He pays the processing fees and maintains a deposit with the Company. Out of respondents, only 12 were past or present users of Ijarah. The first Ijarah product exists in Mauritius since and yet, awareness among Mauritians is very low.