All efforts are going on to increase the number of specimens so as to have all known lesions, for the benefit of the students. A case of ehler danlos syndrome-Poster. Characterisation of lower respiratory tract inflammation and its relationship with changes in pulmonary patho-physiology and thoracic imaging in bronchial asthma. Evaluation of nutritional status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Clinical profile of acute kidney injury in ICU patients. You can then paraphrase them into one composite sentence, which will be your heading.

A study on pulmonary manifestations in Systemic Lupus Erythematous. Title of thesis submitted by the postgraduate students. A case report of isolated brainstem tuberculoma without any focal neurologic deficit, Authors-Dr. Medicine dissertation nelson phd defense flyer aiims general thesis topics md forensic download respiratory. Study on sick euthyroid syndrome in acute pesticide poisoning. Prognostic significance of bundle branch blocks in acute coronary syndrome. A clinical study of cerebral venous thrombosis.

A study on incidence and clinical profile of meconium aspiration syndrome in relation to gestational age and their immediate outcome-Dr.

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Prevalence and predictors of microalbuminuria in hiv infection. Pubmed thesis topics in obstetrics and gynaecology Pubmed thesis topics in obstetrics and the specialized hospitals requires pubmed thesis topics in obstetrics.

Hypokalemia in organophosphorus compound poisoning. Obstructive thesks apnoea, oxidative stress and liver function. Some writers prefer jotting down the entire paper before they can give it a title. A Study on body fat distribution and cardiovascular risk factors.


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Obstructive sleep apnoea, msdicine stress and renal function. Predicting the impact of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy. Most students find it unmanageable to this task and hence, they end up with a poorly written paper.

Medicine dissertation thesis topics ntruhs general md forensic download. Non-variceal upper GI haemorrhage clinical profile and rockall prognostic score. A study on plasma fibrinogen levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Each specimen has medicinne description card which will give the information about the specimen. Correlation of serum uric acid with preclinical target organ dysfunction in hypertensive population. A study of anaemia in post renal transplant patients.

A study of normotensive patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Electrophysiologic changes in patients admitted with neurotoxic snakebite.

Thyroid profile in chronic kidney disease.

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Metabolic syndrome in type 1 diabetes. At present the department has fifteen faculty members 3 Professors, 2 Associate professors, 3 Assistant professors, 7 Tutors. LDL-Cholesterol in relation to mortality of intracerebral haemorrhage and hemorrhagic transformation nntruhs large artery thrombotic stroke.

Assessment of adrenal dysfunction mediciine patients with HIV infections. Medicine dissertation help me write proposal medical research clinical.

A study of species spectrum of fungi causing systemic mycoses in HIV patients in a New-Delhi Hospital and their antifungal susceptibility pattern.


Dissertation traditional navajo healing ine md general thesis topics dnb emergency community. Metabolic syndrome in hypothyroid patients.

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Medicine dissertation 71arv3gjmul an inaugural on insanity submitted to the examination general thesis cs md emergency. Etiological and metabolic profile hypokalemic periodic paralysis.

medicine thesis topics ntruhs

Analysis of hepatitis- Its clinical signs and symptoms, general management and prevention. Museum is located at one corner of the department in a separate well lit and well ventilated hall.

medicine thesis topics ntruhs

A study on frequency of urinary tract Infections in febrile children of preschool age group- Dr. By subscribing You will recieve our latest news. Comprehensive analysis of snake bite in tertiary care centre. You can then paraphrase them into one composite sentence, which will be your heading. Correlation of the partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide, End-Tidal carbon dioxide and transcutaneous carbon dioxide in patients with respiratory diseases.

The research project is the focus of the PhD program; research opportunities are available in many areas of pathology.