Publish now – it’s free. There were many likely synergies between Tata Steel, the lowest cost producer of steel in the world, and Corus, a large player with a significant presence in value added steel segment and a strong distribution network in Europe. According to industry experts, Tata steel would have two options with regard to Steel production after the acquisition. Sign up and we’ll send you articles like this every week. The ability of the public company and private individuals alike to expand their business activities by acquisitions and when appropriate to take advantage of the opportunity to sell to others is fundamental to the dynamism of the capitalist system.

Avinash Bhupali on Apr 27, No wonder that the Tatas had to sell part of its assets earlier this week at a nominal value of 1 pound, with all the debt still on its books. He used event study methodology to measure abnormal returns for 30 day window around the earnings announcement and reported that there was no statistical evidence to show that Indian capital market was efficient in its semi strong form. Moreover, since the acquisition was done through an all cash deal, analysts said that the acquisition would be a financial burden for Tata Steel. Corus was then a penny stock and available for 10 per cent of the value that Tata Steel eventually paid for it.

merger of tata steel and corus case study

Sudipto Roy on Apr 27, 3: In any case, insiders suggest that by then, it had become a prestige issue. Stock swap is often used as it allows the shareholders of the two companies to share the risk involved in the deal.

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London, UK Corus Group: The results shows that there is no significant change in the short run but the merger has a long term effect on the company. The long products comprise value-added finished products such as wires, wire rods and merchant bars, and also semi-finished products in the form of billets [4]. Presentation Description No description available. Very few studies relating to stydy of mergers and acquisitions have been done in India.


It too is doomed to fail especially the Air Asia partnership. Ever since the Tata Tatz board took the call to sell off its haemorrhaging UK assets last month, old Tata Steel hands in Jamshedpur have been heaving a sigh of relief.

The Tatas hoped to source coal from Mozambique and iron ore from Brazil, but the plan ran into serious trouble. Finally, in February this year, the board finally gave Kohler the marching orders. In most of the studies the evidence show that target companies experience positive gains around merger announcement Andrade et al. And Brazilian ore was available, but at a very high price. Chat with us Please leave your feedback. And the underperformance in UK was masked by its well-run Dutch operations at Hoogovens.

The company was mfrger as the world’s best steel producer by World Steel Dynamics. Deal analyses are always done with the advantage of hindsight. Karl Ulrich Kohler Founded: But within hours of that interview, Bombay House issue a hurried clarification, in an attempt to douse the fires.

It is true that the Tatas may have gone in with their eyes open that the underperforming UK assets could prove to be problematic. In another study by Firth et al. Hindustan Lever is one pertinent example whose growth is significantly contributed by mergers and acquisitions.


merger of tata steel and corus case study

However, overseas acquisitions should be done with a strategic viewpoint and with an aim of having a new market presence, acquiring new technology, creating shareholder value to have a successful association throughout the business life.

It is most important techniques of financial analysis where ratios are used as yardstick for evaluating the financial condition and performance of the firm. I always wonder why many mergers always look super at time of merger and stupid after some years.

merger of tata steel and corus case study

Some well known financial organizations also took the necessary initiatives to restructure the corporate sector megger India by adopting the mergers and acquisitions policies. Go to Application Have a question?

Tata Steel’s Acquisition of Corus

The study of the existing experiments will be based on the case study method of research, for which both the primary and secondary information will be used.

The sample consists of mergers and tender offers. Riders on the storm. This case study was compiled from published sources, and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. The globalization has a Greenfield component too.

Tata Corus: 7 Lessons from a Deal from Hell

For one, a part stock deal may have softened the blow a fair bit. No day plans. Synergies of the Deal Most experts were of the opinion that the acquisition did make strategic sense for Tata Steel.

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