I was hanging on it. This is how the weddings were organized in our village. This can be due to caste of a person or wealth of the person. The Maha Bharata tells the story of the Princess Jamathakiri, whose facial appearance changed to that of a horse after she was cursed for not observing ancestral ceremonies others say it was a congenital disease. Archived from the original on 19 June

Continue for 50 m and turn right again: The king and his family fled and tried to cross over to India but their boat was seized by the Portuguese and their capture ended all resistance. The Tamil people have been responsible for its maintenance. After some time I had several of these businesses. Another alternative road way is via recently built Sankupitti Bridge from Punarin.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We can ride a bicycle in the garden. Add to collection s Add to saved. It was a difficult experience. The Jaffna Fort, the second largest Essaay Fort in Sri Lanka, is located immediately south of the Jaffna town, with the southern jaaffna bounded by the shallow waters of Jaffna lagoon, the inlet of the Indian Ocean that carves out the Jaffna Peninsula.

Archived from the original PDF on 24 January My parents were loving and caring.

my hometown jaffna essay

Two events took place, one in the morning and one in the night. It is about m north from Sangili Topu. For our last visit almost a year later the place had been sealed by the Armed Forces with barbed wire, barriers, etc.


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Gnanams Jetwing Subhas Tilko. We have worked so hard to come up to this level. This period saw the building of Hindu temples in the peninsula and a flourishing of literature, both in Tamil and Sanskrit. A king supposedly Ukkirasinghan was visited by the blind Panan musician, who was an expert in vocal music and one skilled in the use of instrument called Yal.

Henry Joulain presented the cathedral jometown a magnificent chime of bells.

I cannot remember the others. Again, My friend told me that, when myy Bank of Ceylon reopened after the war, the very first daythe amount of deposits that came to Bank of Cylon was the highest deposits that bank of celyon receive in it history of banking.

my hometown jaffna essay

He also told me that all our people were chased away. He said that all Muslims should leave in 2 hours.

my hometown jaffna essay

They were checking everybody, and the male checking was over. I learnt how to use iron. Today the sacred tree is known to hometoown the oldest recorded tree of the world and known by the name of Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi of Anuradhapura. So we thought it will be better if we live with our relations.

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The strength of this fort was then never actually tested by an attack until recently when the power of modern day weapons proved its undoing. The silly jokes, heartfelt happiness, unforgettable trips, Laughing, bugging, consolations, wonderful tricks. Photos of Jaffna Jaffna Libary. The city had a wide range of industries, including food processing, packaging, making of household items, and salt processing, but most ceased after My wife is from my hometown. The first inscription of the sixteenth century is written in the Tamil language and is dated April Almost everything on the palm can be used by man, most obviously the trunks but also Jaffna is remarkable for its elegant fences or rather screens with their repeating designs of fans standing side by side on the boundaries of properties.

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He died on the spot. He said that she was not here, and to check in the next junction. The findings of the excavation at Kantharodai led by P E. Most of the Hindu temples that the Jaffa had destroyed were rebuilt.