All the very best and good luck with your application. Hi Pete, Just about to apply for next round myself for first time- any chance of sharing these applications with me? I can see your bin is already full”. If you can leave me a contact email ad, I will let you see 3 successful applications. Sorry- email address is edkinsj bf8.

Kind regards, Kash my email address is kashab btinternet. Thank you — great reasoning, not dissimilar to mine, on why you would embark on this. The hurdles we have to jump!!!! Share on Tumblr Email. Terry is monitoring this site. And quite right too; although I did things a bit back-to-front, securing a Headship before completing NPQH, there is no doubt that the final assessment interview would be a good preparation for anyone going on to Headship interviews after completing the course. You are commenting using your WordPress.

If you’re serious about wanting to be a headteacher, then being able to fill out your own application without seeing someone else’s is right at the bottom end of ‘things heads have to be able to do blindfold’. Terry is monitoring this site. Hi I am struggling with the readiness for Headship part statemeng the end.

PGCE courses are too, for trainee teachers. News from the NCTL. A headteacher needs to command respect and I would have no respect for any of the people on an open forum requesting copies of other people’s applications.


Involuntary plagiarism, yet still plagiarism.

npqh personal statement

The web-crawlers will find it and sell it. ORRsome blogposts May high heels and high notes. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I would be really grateful to have a look at examples of successful applications to give myself personaal confidence that I am on the right track or not!

Hi Pete, Just about to apply for next round myself for first time- any chance of sharing these applications with me? Terry is opening the post. pegsonal

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Yes, it took me sixteen months from my first face-to-face day January to my final assessment May Many congratulations, Stwtement — and thanks for this helpful post. We discussed the reading often on our face to face days — mainly how hard it was to read it all!

npqh personal statement

Help My email is: I would appreciate any guidance from other people who have been through the process. You are a success story of NPQH. Don’t you think the NPQH lot are likely to be following the crowd?

Finally, you have to choose a licensee. Yes, my password is: Enjoyed reading this — as an assessor and online facilitator it is always interesting to read reflections from those who have gained the qualification.


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But I am telling you this for your own good. Sensible investment I suppose, and a good test!

npqh personal statement

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Email is littlebrecks yahoo. As I recall I was allowed one sheet of A4 for the presentation only.

Help with NPQH application?

Thought tombennett71 might be interested to see this beauty. JackieSJan 2, I have perspnal the submission stage and have my Interview and presentation day next month.

Here are some of the plus points:.

I just wondered are we able to take any notes in with us or is it strictly only notes for the presentation? It stxtement is an abysmal selection system that in truth is looking more and more like a lucky dip lottery. Share on Tumblr Email. It would be great if you could send me the applications.