Physiology of pain and pain pathways. Dissertation survey instruments Companies providing. Patient management under general anesthesia. Computation of- Caries index and performing various caries activity tests – Oral hygiene index – Periodontal index – Fluorosis index Endocrinology – General endocrinal activity and disorders relating to thyroid gland – Parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas and gonads – Metabolism of calcium 7. One Journal club per week to be conducted in the departments.

Patient care is to be delivered irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of the patient. Protocol for dissertation to be submitted on or before the end of six months from the date of admission. Temporary registration to such foreign national shall be subject to the condition that such person is duly registered as dental practitioner in his own country from which he has obtained his basic dental qualification and that his degree is recognized by the corresponding dental council or concerned authority. MISSION OF THE PROGRAM The mission of the postgraduate program in pediatric dentistry is to educate and train specialists in pediatric dentistry who can competently evaluate, improve and maintain the oral health of infants, children and adolescents and also persons with special health care needs in a compassionate and productive manner. Diploma and MDS degree courses:

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

The following is the minimum required to be completed before the candidate can be considered eligible to appear for final MDS exam. Able to create not only a good oral health in the child but also a good citizen tomorrow.

Tnruhs care is to be delivered irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of the patient. Oral cancer and pre-cancer of oral cavity.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Direct concepts in tooth preparation for amalgam, composite, GIC and restorative techniques, failures and management.

Posting in department of anatomy for dissection of head, face and neck.


In case of absence or leave of any PG student, they have to inform in writing to the HOD or staff member in-charge and request any of Co-PGs to attend their work or patient in their absence.

Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Advances in Periodontics —Thomas G. Future directions and controversial questions in periodontal therapy – Future directions for infection control Research directions 0214 regenerative therapy Future directions in anti-inflammatory therapy Future directions in measurement of periodontal diseases F. A Two Extra Oral Radiographs: Discuss about ntruhs pg dissertation topics here. Hormones and Related Drugs – Insulin, oral hypoglycemic drugs and glucagon.

Health Informatics – Research Methodology – definitions, types of research, designing written protocol for research, objectivity in methodology, quantification, records and analysis. Basic subjects classes ntruhw Evaluation of the PGs is done chair side and if they are found lacking in any area they are not allowed to handle the cases until they gain knowledge in the same.

Case Presentation – Marks a Long case — 20 marks b Short case — 10 marks ii.


It relates the clinical manifestations of oral diseases to the physiologic and anatomic changes associated with these diseases. Subjects related to different specialties a.

Diseases of the blood and blood forming organs. The completed dissertation should be submitted 6 months before the final examination. Paper I, II and III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions carrying 7 marks each. Wolf, Edith M,Klaus H. The candidate should be able to – Take the history, conduct clinical examination including all diagnostic procedures to arrive ntrujs diagnosis at the individual level and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis.


ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

DISEASE – Definition, concepts – Multifactorial causation, natural history and risk factors – Disease control and eradication, evaluation and causation, infection of specific diseases – Vaccines and immunization 4. Oral Pathology – Developmental disturbances of oral and Para oral structures – Regressive changes of teeth – Bacterial, viral and ntrihs infections of oral cavity – Dental caries, diseases of pulp and periapical tissues – Physical and chemical injuries of the oral cavity – Oral manifestations of metabolic and guiddelines disturbances – Diseases of jaw bones and TMJ – Diseases of blood and blood forming organs in relation to oral cavity – Cysts of the oral cavity – Salivary gland diseases – Role of laboratory investigations in oral surgery 9.

Biology of the Periodontal Connective Tissues —P. The completed dissertation should be submitted six months before the final examination. International Journal Of Computerized Dentistry Diseases of pulp and sequel of pulpitis. Immunology — antigen antibody reaction, allergy, hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis, auto immunity, grafts, viral hepatitis, HIV infections and AIDS.

Journal of Dental Education Histology of skin, oral mucosa, connective tissue, bone, cartilage cellular elements of blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, tongue, tooth and its surrounding structures.

Approach Topics to be covered as seminars. Willingness to adopt, after a critical assessment, new methods and techniques of pedodontic management developed from time to time, based on scientific research, which is in the best interest of the child patient. Dental Implant Prosthetics —Carl E.