Place the sum over fractions with the same the common denominator and denominator, add the numerators. Remember to write the decimal point in your answer. List the perimeter of each figure in a table. Some of the trees are infected with mold. Sometimes you may have to rename a fraction so you can subtract. Find 30 3

The result is always two isosceles triangles, each with a 90 angle. Each pack contained screws. The volume of the prism is 24 cm3. Hector has rocks in his collection. A chair is about 1 tall and a wide. The length of the twig is more than 75 mm but less than 76 mm.

Problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13 4

Three of these tanks are at the entrance. Hector has rocks in his collection. Find the area of the parallelogram.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

How many fish are on display at the entrance? To find the volume of an irregular solid, separate it into familiar shapes.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

Round the quotient to the required place. Travis earned 3 stickers for each song he played.

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They finished playing at 6: Who is the better quarterback? Total amount Gayle gave Step 3. What weiting of hardbacks and what percentage of paperbacks are there? Imagine painting each of the larger cubes.


problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

Converting a length measurement from a larger unit to a smaller unit: How many hours did he reteachiing on the two activities? Each child brought in 15 cans of food. The circumference is the distance around a circle. Topic 15 – Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles. Which racks should he use if he wants each rack completely filled?

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Draw a diagram to show the information. An inverse operation is an opposite—multiplication and division are inverse operations. Use Addition to Subtract. If for each square the conclusion is the same, the generalization appears to be correct. Your email address will not be published. writinng

solvnig By problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13 4 so much as the idea that we represent is great, by so much are we, in comparison with it, inevitably chargeable with littleness and short-comings. Geometry Sofia baked three kinds of pie. Look for a pattern to the change in prolem hundredthvalues across a row or down a column.


I suppose I could raise strawberries enough for all my neighbors; and perhaps I ought to do it. How many miles did Karen ride? Use addition to find the sum. How many songs did he play?

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The money Percy has saved is how many times as great as the money James has saved? Evaluate the expression for a 2-day car rental; for a 3-day car rental; for a 5-day car rental. If the remainder is less than the divisor, write it in the quotient.

The GCF of 20 and 24 is 4. He had the rare virtue of magnanimity. Use your ruler to draw a line segment of each length. In the shop, the drill bits are kept in a cabinet with drawers.