But again, keep it within reason. This webesite helped me a lot on my journey to the monbusho preparation. G 3 June at Did you receive that by email? In this case, the fact that you’ve studied Japanese at all would be a plus. If you are looking for information on the new form valid beginning with the Embassy Recommended MEXT Scholarship Application process , you can find it here. A professional translator will be familiar with this request.

Though my proposal survived. I gave some MEXT interview tips in a previous post. This is because I am currently working in the travel and tourism industry. Democracy vs Economic Growth: Asian Salad has so far been a mere dumping ground for my random thoughts. Hi, Who told you that you need to put at least one national university?

Am writing my first proposal and your introduction has been of great help.

Research Proposal

I have a B- and I am very worried. There seems to be othertraditional programs, like MBA, dental that are attached. Lars, I am sure that many of scholarshi; newbies first time candidates to the monbukagakusho grant highly appreciate your help. Inequality vs Economic Growth: Every time I write a comment, I feel the need to thank you profusely for all your help and effort.

research proposal for mext scholarship

I am a cartoonist. This really made things easier. Historically, dictatorship arises in times of economic turmoil but will the voice crying for democracy become louder as the level of income and education rises among the citizens?


research proposal for mext scholarship

You will normally have to send all of these to Japan via airmail. One Keio professor mentioned in his blog that he expects his advisees to do field research twice during their degree.

Yes, one of the purposes of the FSRPP is to show that you are a clear and effective writer the interview later will do the same for speaking. For the initial application screening, the universities and embassies are only required to give you feedback if they reject an application e.

Hi Omar, I see that you had asked each of these questions before in separate comments.

What you do need to focus on is how your research is beneficial to Japan and your home country and why it should be done in Japan. In my plan I described two slightly different projects that I could work on depending on the university I ended scholraship in, since my research is on a large collaborative experiment and I can’t just choose freely what I want to do.

Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal – Mextipedia

Thank you for your time and appreciate all your efforts in helping aspiring mext scholars! Incredibly helpful, and I feel a lot more confident and prepared. I understand that I can only apply for the scholarship to study the same major as I had studied in undergraduate or a related field. And complicating the matter further, the growing interdependence among different East Asian economies makes defining the economic basis of democracy all the more difficult in an era of rapid globalization.


My research proposal for MEXT (Monbusho) scholarship | Asian Salad

Another question that does not relate to the research plan: G 23 June at Problems in the Field. Well it’s Golden Week here so finally I have a chance Here are some tips for studying Japanese by yourself.

Research Goals Recommended Length: And the Placement preference peoposal. So I really think it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not completely rehashing work that’s already been done.

research proposal for mext scholarship

I mean, to me it looks perfect, however I remember reading that these things are supposed to be written in 3rd person. Hi Travis, Thank you for this helpful guide.

Hey Travis, can I embolden or italicize a few words to highlight them in the research plans? You want your research to have value outside of scyolarship narrow field, so you have to be able to describe that to non-exerts.

MEXT research scholarship advice, part 1: Thank you so much for this! Hi Travis, Thanks for making this guide.