Include key words in the title to make the thesis more easily retrievable in electronic listings. Appendices must be limited to supporting material genuinely subsidiary to the main argument of the thesis. Items that are used throughout the thesis do not need page numbers for each entry. It does not use technical terms and discipline-specific language. We are not able to offer technical assistance.

Under special circumstances, and with substantive rationale, this may be extended to a maximum of 24 months. If you include links in your Bibliography, you must include the date on which you retrieved the material from the web. Headings must be repeated on the second and subsequent pages of tables that split over two pages or more. Effective January , all theses and dissertations must include a lay summary. Each entry must have leader lines dots between title and page number.

Complete the Creative Commons License questions.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Accompanying Materials is the term given to materials which are part of the thesis but which are not included in the text e. The collection is not available to the public. For help with understanding copyright for your thesis, contact copyright. Convert your thesis to a single non-secured PDF file. Prospective or current graduate students who have questions about theses and dissertations that are not answered below, or are in need of additional support, are encouraged to contact the office by email gradtheses.

Ensure that multimedia files are in formats that are accepted by the UBC Library. It occurs when an individual submits or presents the oral or written work of another person as their own.

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Students are encouraged to check their email after submission to ensure any required corrections are made. Instead, the following boilerplate abstract text appears in the abstract record: If your thesis includes terms that are not immediately obvious to the average reader, it is recommended that you include a glossary to list all terms used in your thesis.


If you have further questions about the Thesis Formatting Service, or require additional information on the scope of the service, please email ubco.

Grouped at the end of the relevant chapter. You do not need to change the location or orientation of the page number, but may if you wish. The thesis will be reviewed within two to five business days and the student will be notified by email if any changes are required.

Thesis Formatting Service

The College theiss Graduate Studies will notify you of your anticipated grad month via email once you have registered for your cIRcle account. Must be the only abstract in the thesis.

Students should review the resources early in the writing of their thesis, and use them to check their thesis before submitting it to the College of Graduate Studies.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Perform a component review Format the document to conform to the specifications provided by the College of Graduate Studies Flag third-party material lacking copyright permission statements When you pay the fee in full, the reviewed and formatted thesis will be released to you via the UBC Workspace 2.

Quotations of more than one line can be single-spaced. This alerts reviewers to the request for publication delay. The first line of each paragraph must be indented, or There must be a larger space between paragraphs than there is between lines. Must be listed in the table of contents. Electronic theses are subject to the same copyright protection as paper documents. Tables must be listed with their numbers, titles, and page numbers. Landscape pages must be orientated in your PDF so that they are readable without rotation.


A student might wish to request that publication be delayed if any of the following circumstances applies:.

Thesis and Dissertation

There must be no blank pages in the thesis. You can use any font or language you wish for the dedication page.

Please see MFA Submission information as outline below. Formatting must be consistent throughout the thesis, including formafting of measure, abbreviations, and the numbering scheme for tables, figures, footnotes, and citations.

The College of Graduate Studies must be informed about thedis for delays in publication of theses and dissertations. Date For copies for the examination committee: The service respects the academic purpose and integrity of okangan thesis writing and submission process and includes services such as: Submission Students must submit their final thesis documentation electronically to gradtheses.

Students are encouraged to proof read their thesis carefully before submitting the final version. Students are also encouraged to proofread their thesis carefully before submitting the final version.